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oscarthecat(z7MD)September 14, 2012

I have not heard in a long time. The sound of a screen door slamming shut. Remember the wood framed screen doors that closed with a spring. I miss it.

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Gee, Steve, that makes me feel old, b/c I remember it too; I also remember being yelled at, "Don't slam the screen door!"! LOL

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Good one!

Love the sound also and it was like alarms going off when Moms would come out in their yards to call their kids home from our house----first the slamming screen doors, then the chorous of names floating up the street to our yard.

---makes me miss those days and those sounds!

Anybody still have the musical ice cream truck roll through their neighborhoods at all?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

And if they didn't slam....you tightened the spring so they closed before the flys came in.
anyone else remember hanging a cotton ball on a string over the screen door....to keep the flys out?

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Even though we've done many renovations on our 1930s bungalow the one thing we wont touch is the wooden screen door....yes it slams and we love it.

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KJ, every summer afternoon at 4 teh ice cream man rolls down my block. Someday I will chase after him.

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Ice cream trucks are still alive and well in our town.
In my sister Gail's neighborhood the ice cream man plays Christmas songs as he drives around.
What a hoot!!!

I want a screen door.
A fly "flap" remember those, just in case a fly got past
the door. It's a fly swatter for those that didn't grow up in the country in the south.

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Never heard it called a fly "flap", before, but they're still very useful. We have two, b/c the occasional fly does still get into the house. What I remember also are the fly "strip" which would dangle and unsuspecting flies would get trapped. Ugh! I'd rather just swat them--or if Maggie gets them first--they get eaten! :>)

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I have the lovely slamming screen door between the kitchen and solarium. The kitten is often attached to it, peering in. I remember my parents with the 'don't slam the door going out' litany. I purposely let it slam now, because I enjoy the nostalgic sound.

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We still have screen doors that slam here. Upstairs, the five year old tests it daily. Love to hear it slam and then feet pitter-pattering across my ceiling. Kids are great. So are kittens!

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