My Little Sassi girl!

Janis_G(z7GA)September 28, 2012

We took Sassi to Atlanta last week to her Opthalmologist

for a check up following cataract surgery over a year ago.

Sure wasn't prepared to hear that her left eye had the

beginning of a cataract. We made an appointment to bring her back in two weeks but in two days her eye was completely clouded over.

She is having surgery monday morning. Gosh I hate for the little thing to have to go through that again. All the eyedrops, the collar etc. It is great that something can be done and for that, I am grateful.

I met with the director of the Adult Day Care Center today.

The time has come when I really have to have some help with Neil. After taking him to Atlanta the other day I

realized I could no longer keep going on the way I was.

I need a safe place for him to stay so I can take Katrina, myself and Sassi to doctors appoinments and those endless

runs to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy.

I hope it works out for Neil and for me. I asked him what he thought about it and he said whatever will make it easier for you. He is such a dear, dear man. I am blessed.

Now if my little fur baby will be okay and I can get Katrina's health back on track. I will be a happy camper.

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Oh Jannis, this are hard days for you. We are not there yet, but I have researched assisted living facilities here.

Sorry about your little Sassy. It's hard to see them distraught about those collars and the meds when you can't explain to them why you do this to them.

Sunflowers to you and your family with a wish that times get better.

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I feel for you so much..

The Day Care center will be such a help for you. And you are indeed, very fortunate that Neil understands.

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Anneleise, the Adult Day Care place is beautiful.
I feel good about dropping Neil off and then picking him up.
All the folks there were busy with projects according to
their limitations and since Neil is blind he will have
extra help. I think he will like going and interacting
with the people there.

I plan on joining the support group and exchanging ideas.

Thank you for the Sunflowers. They are very much appreciated.

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oh, my sweet, sweet jan.

I am so sorry to hear of this.
You are such a dear, giving person, I know it's hard for you to let anyone help you.
I am soooo glad you are getting some help.

A friend's husband is no longer able to drive.
The local senior center started picking him up daily.
He goes from 10-2.
He is dressed at 8 and can't wait for the van to get there.
They socialize, eat lunch, play bingo, have singers on occasion, a lot of activities.
She tries to get everything done during these hours as it makes life easier for them both.

Sassi is adorable!!!
I know it's difficult to see her go through this again; but, thankfully, there is something that can be done for her.
She is a very fortunate young lady to have you for a mom.

Please tell Neil and Katrina HI for me.

Miss y'all.

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Oh, Jan, more sunflowers, hugs,and prayers are being sent to all of you--yourself, Neil, Katrina, and Sassi, too, of course!

((((Jan, Neil, Katrina, Sassi))))

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Sunflowers to all of you.
Re Sassy and a potential collar.
Our dear Super Dog had a skin condition and had to wear a collar so he would not scratch himself to death. It was totally frustrating for all of us. Super tried to get out of that collar every chance he had and we had to monitor him 24/7. He tried to go out his doggie door and was frustrated at every turn. We boarded up the doggie door, opened the patio door so he could get out, but he sat at his doogie door wanting to go out. Getting him into the car to go to the V_E_T_ was another story. Sigh, it was a stressful time. But eventually, we all learned how to live with our new "normal".
Eventually the rash went away and we could go back to almost "normal". We put his collar in storage in the garage and he refused to go in there.
Here is hoping that everything will be ok.

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The sun is not up, but what a pretty sunflower to substsitute. Thanks, westgardener.

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Love and hugs to you all Jan, my dear! Take care and do keep on enjoying your folks. They need you as much as you need them.

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Katrina and I dropped Sassi off Monday morning for surgery.
We rented a room at a pet friendly hotel and checked in by eleven o'clock.
Katrina has been having a lot more health problems and she really needed to rest. It was still raining
cats and dogs when we picked up Sassi at four o'clock.
We took her back to the hotel where she
spent the night crying and being miserable.

This morning Sassi was up and she wanted to go home.
She kept looking at the luggage and going to the door.
Back and forth from Katrina to me to the door to the bags.
We got a good report on the surgery at this morning's appointment so we are back at home.
There are a gazillion drops to do several times daily plus the collar to deal with.

Tomorrow it's an early appointment for Katrina to see if she has to have yet another blood transfusion and so it goes.

Thanks to all of you for your kindness and West Gardener thanks for the beautiful sunflower picture.

I think I'll herd everyone to bed now and hopefully Sassi
can sleep tonight and so can I.

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Janis, you really have your hands full!
Sending hugs to you, Sassi, Katrina and Neil, you all are in my thoughts,
Love to all of you!

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A hug to all of you including Sassi. I just lit my candle and sending you my best wishes and love.

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Janis, hopefully, you were able to sleep most of the night. I won't say "all", b/c that would probsbly be too much to expect with Sassi needing/wanting yur attention. Does the cone have to stay on at night, too? If so, that's a bummer!

Caring thought, hugs, and prayers for fast healing for Sassi, no blood transfusion for Katrina, and extra strength and stamina for you. Hugs to Neil, too!

((((Janis, Katrina, Neil, Sassi))))

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I am so glad for the update and that the report is ok for Sassi. soon, she'll be back to normal, running around, being cute, you know, the works! Y'all are still in my thoughts, especially Katrina. Take care of you and all of yours.

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Thanks for the update, I've been thinking about you since your post. Glad to see that you had a good report about Sassi, that's helpful.
I'll get back to the collar issue, and yes it is a challenge. As I said he tried every which way to get out of that collar, including trying to back out, he went backwards for days trying to shake it off.
I finally removed the collar when I applied the salve, he dove right to the "ouchie" and the battle was on. I got the salve and the collar back on, until next time......
It's not easy.
You're welcome to the sunflower, she's a trouper. She was about 8' tall and standing there grinning at me and spreading her leaves as if in a hug.

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collar suggestion:

I made parallel holes (regular hole punch did it) along the two edges. Then I laced it with a ribbon, somewhat like tying your shoes.

Much faster on/off that way. The vet liked it so much, he asked if he could keep it. I only did it so that I wouldn't break off the plastic tab with so much use, but it worked for other things too.

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The collar stays on 24/7 for 3 weeks no matter what.
I'm back to taking a sleeping pill so yes I am getting some sleep.
Sassi's eye is looking great and the swelling is going down.
We take her back tomorrow for a check up.
Katrina can go a couple more weeks without a transfusion.
At least that's what the doctor says.
Neil isn't doing well. He has stayed in bed all day today
since breakfast. Bless his heart he is just wearing out.

Tomorrow is another day so we can all see what it brings.
Sweet dreams all.

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(((and much love-Neil, Jan, Katrina, and Sassi))) extra special thoughts of each of you and all of you today.

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