krnuttleNovember 5, 2012

I have posted on this forum before as my thoughts on my lawn evolved. About 6 weeks ago I bought topsoil and spread it on my south facing clay and quartz slope. I fertilized and planted Scott's Southern mix. After the first planting was well up, I went back and seeded the areas that appeared to have been missed. On the third "reseeding" I finally ran out of grass seed.

I am very pleased with the results, and about a week ago made the first cut with the mower, when the new grass approached 4 to 6 inches tall.

We live about 25 miles east of downtown Raliegh. Will it hurt or help if I overseed sometime in late February or early March. This would give about two to three months before the extreme heat comes in. The grass is on a south facing slope.

Thank you

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What is Scott's Southern Mix? Please look at the label on the bag and find the Guaranteed Analysis. What does that say?

Generally seeding in the spring is a bad idea. It is too early for seeding southern grasses and too late for seeding cool season grasses. The results is weeds.

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We live in Raleigh NC and bought it at Lowes. I had the commercial name wrong, it is sold as "Scotts Southern Gold Tall Fescue Grass Seed 17440" and can be found by Googling. It is marketed as being developed at North Carolina State University.

While I am extremely satisfied so far, I learned something interesting. It does not seem to be in general circulation. I don't know if it is a new blend Scott's is testing or it something being discontinued. It is available at Lowes, but I could not find it by searching on the Scott's website.

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Do you know what cultivars were used in that mix (it should be listed on the bag)?

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I knew I had spread the last of the seed before I started this thread, but realized today, I had not cleaned up after myself as well as I should. Here is a picture of the label from the above grass seed

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kidhorn(7a MD)

That's good fescue seed. It germinates fast.

It's best to seed in the fall, but spring can work also. I would fill in spots in early spring and see what happens. You may need to water a few times during the summer when it's really hot and dry.

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I live in WNC, mountains, and my lawn is fairly steep.

Just signed up for this web site and realize I have been a complete idiot trying to grow grass for the last few years.
Made all the mistakes you describe and have a healthy area of crabcrass, weeds, and very little else.
STARTING OVER.... Is there anything I can do between now and spring to begin to recover my lawn?

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You should start a new thread.

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