Is this a plant or a weed?

kat124June 29, 2014

Hello! I found this growing in our yard and I am not sure whether to pull it or not...can someone help me identify it? Thank you so much I am new to this!

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Looks like hosta

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


there is a very active hosta forum ...

and there is no doubt.. that is what it is ..

they like guessing names if you are interested ...


ps: you can pull it if you want ... its just a plain green one .. dont need anyone's permission.. EVER.. for this ...

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

It has very nice leaves, Ken, and green is a perfectly acceptable color. Furthermore, it's obviously quite happy in that spot (I only wish half the things I plant on purpose looked that happy).

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Thanks everyone for your responses! I didn't think it was hosta, we have one that is much more colorful but I guess there are different species! Thanks for identifying it and for the tip on the hosta forum, I will post there too! I think I will leave it, it does look happy and there are baby hosta not too far from it. I planted a dwarf rhododendron near it too. Wonder how it got there? Thanks again for your expertise, glad to hear it is not a weed!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i own over 1500 independent hosta cultivars ...

of which.. having got caught in buying names.. let me suggest.. it looks like about 400 of my plain green hosta...

need you argue with every single answer i give ... its obvious to me.. you feel the need.. so knock yourself out ...

if the OP does not want a hosta there.. she should feel free to pull it out.. she should not keep it.. because you think its pretty.. .

kat.. anything that is NOT WHERE YOU WANT IT... is a weed... its one of the simplest definitions of weed ...

if you want it.. cherish it.. but never keep something.. because someone else tells you it has value ...

see you in the hosta forum.. if you want to get completely enabled with hosta CULTIVARs...


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Ken, if that was aimed at me, I can only say that I certainly don't argue with everything you post -- 1 percent, perhaps, on this forum. And way less in the rest of GW.

Lighten up!

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