Line Dancing and music Q

west_gardenerSeptember 26, 2011

At my advanced age of 71 I have decided to try out "Line Dancing". Although I was a pretty good dancer in my younger years, it has been a long time since I learned any new moves.

I looked at a lot of videos on the net and settled on a DVD that I ordered. It has the Electric Slide. Watermelon Crawl and Slap Leather dances. Everything is new to me.

Now about the music? Does the line dancing have it's own music overall or does each dance like "Electric Slide" have it's own music?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Have not done it but think it is for country western music of many types. Did your son get you in to this for his birthday yesterday?

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Don, wonders of all wonders, DH said he would join me. Could have knocked me over with a feather. DS is another story, he grew up with Mick Jagger as his musical hero, oh save me, lol.
Little by little I will find my way around the dance floor and the music.

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Plan on having loads of fun Are you dancing at a Sr Citizen place or a dance studio where thee are other people or jus the two of you.

I haven't danced in a while but when I was going to astudio there was so much fun and so many couples in their 70's plan on the best time of you life !!!

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It came about when I saw that the Sr.Ctr. was giving lessons and they showed a photo of the participants and they looked like they had fun and that they were about our age (70+). It looked like fun.
I'm not redy to join a class yet, but I did order a DVD and that should arrive in a few days. In the meanwhile, I've downloaded a video and I'm having fun learning how to dance.Glad to say that it seems that my brain and feet still work together.

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