Harvest Moon

west_gardenerSeptember 20, 2013

DS is in Ashland, Or, and he and several other people went to Grizzly Peak for a Harvest Moon walk. He said it was obvious that there had been a fire, but he saw signs that the forest was renewing itself.
He could not get a pic of the renewal, because it was during night fall, but he got a pic of the Harvest Moon among the burned out skeleton trees.
Life goes on.

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It's a beautiful picture, it does say "Life goes on" The harvest moon was bright last night and tonight it's raining. Ev en without having to endure a fire Nature is rejoicing, it has been so dry and dusty

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Good picture. Nature is so much better at recovering after a catastrophe than people.
Lilo, you and I seem to have the same kind of weather.

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I'm musing about rain.

Rain it's an important topic these days., We had some rain today and it was welcome, DD who lives in N.CA emailed that she had some rain, anneliese and lilo seems to had some rain.
Then we have CO where the rain is unrelenting and causing huge problems.

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