Bird Murder.

dena_eft(7)March 5, 2013

The Blue Heron just got my biggest and best Koi that was claimed by my five year old grandson. I didn't mind at first,(he's eaten a lot of goldfish),but this is the second Koi. But my most beautiful fish!. Guess he decided he wanted the best on the menu. What to do? I have three Koi left. :) Arum

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How big is your pond? You can try either to cover it or put nylon line on posts around the pond so the heron can't walk into the pond.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

A Scarecrow water cannon may be your best bet or a pair of fake herons. One heron doesn't work but a pair makes it think it is a mated nesting pair and will stay away.

The Scarecrow is available at Walmart for $49.95.

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