Grass seed in November?

rouge21_gw(5)November 30, 2011

On Monday I could see from the forecast that we were to get lots of rain on my zone 5 lawn. So I decided to spread my remaining topsoil mixed with my remaining bag of grass seed. I know it is too cold to germinate this fall (now almost December). Can these seeds remain viable until next spring and the warmer weather?

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Yes as long as the seed doesn't germinate now, or rot. Both are highly unlikely this time of year in zone 5. Soil temperatures aren't likely to rise appreciably even with some mild days. The only thing I would worry about is washout with heavy rain on sloped areas, and redistribution of seeds in areas of heavy puddling. Traditionally, dormant seeding is done when the ground is almost frozen or frozen and a snow event is predicted. This will ensure that washout won't occur, and of course premature germination is impossible at those soil temps.

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Thank you tiemco for the information. It was my mistake that I didnt first do a search on "dormant seeding". After lots of rain the past couple of days we got our first snow right after. Even if the seeds dont germinate next spring the very good top dressing soil will help with the existing lawn.

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