He's been waiting for this event for years

tibs(5/6 OH)September 14, 2011

He = DH. The event = The old small screen tv to break. Why? Because he LOVES tv and he has been drooling over these big flat screen tv's for a long time and practical frugal non-tv watching me says wait until this one breaks. I almost suspect him of sabatage.

He went to a locally owned appliance shop, saw the 55" LED Toshiba and it was love at first sight. He came dancing and prancing home with stars in his eyes and old meanie DW had to burst his bubble by asking him how he expected to pay for it. He immedialty said I don't need a tv. (there is a strong martyr streak in his family.) This is like me saying I don't need to garden.

I had to twist his arm to do some research on types and costs.

Do you know how much these things cost??!! I had sticker shock. He will have nothing to do with the handling of finances. I do it all. He does not spend nearly what I do - I just never spend this much at one shot. And there are all these boring things we need (like new tires on his 16 year old truck, fix the spouting, new flue liner for the chinmey.) Things that were in the budget. A honking big tv was NOT in the budget. Sigh. It's not that we can't afford it (if I put it on the credit card), or that he doesn't deserve it, I just can't stand not paying the credit card off at the end of each month. I don't sleep.

Any bets on him having his new 55" flat screen tv by Saturday?

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gandle(4 NE)

Wouldn't bet against it.

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I know he will - I remember someone getting "the boat" and getting the "new car" all of which we "couldn't afford" but they got paid for and enjoyed

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Yes..........I also would bet it is going to happen. A bolt of lighting hitting our cable wires took out two almost new televisions, our puter and the pond pump. My husband went out to replace them and came back with one of what you speak. He is Lord of the Tube, I am sovereign of the puter. We both 'get what we want' with our technology of choice. ;-)

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Enjoy it! And enjoying making him happy. The good part of marriage is the partner who isn't in need, helps the one who is in the vulnerable position. They find a way to get them what they want. Least, that's the part I love watching and experiencing. Two can do what one cannot. :)

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One word of warning here. #3 son wanted one of those biggies and it was done!.. The Problem was when he got it home. The only place to put it made it too close to the sitting area in the den.

I think the whole family has headaches. I can't stand to look at it that close up. The room needs to be about two feet wider.

So, make sure you have plenty of room.....(maybe you can talk him into a smaller one)

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gmatx zone 6

Be sure and let us know Saturday afternoon what brand and size he chose......

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Update: He really needs a new car. We were going to go out and start looking. Instead he went out and got the new tires today and says he will make the truck last one more year. I think this pretty much means that what I was saving for the down payment is going for the big-A TV.

I do think a size down would fit better in the living room. I get motion sick if I sit too close to a big screen and don't even think about 3-d movies, but as I rarely watch it, doesn't matter I guess.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Have you checked any of the guidelines for choosing screen size?

Here is a link that might be useful: Choosing TV screen size (Crutchfield's)

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There is something about choosing a tv to fit the room. Good suggestions.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Size is a very big issue. DH also wanted a biggie until he visited a cousin who had a 55" in his LR. Even with the extra space [compared to our LR], the screen was TOO big; DH came home with a headache that lasted for 3 days. He now has a 40" and is happy with it.

natal's link is to an excellent summary... especially note the difference in configurations!

Whatever you get, and whenever you get it, I hope you both enjoy!

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