The party is over I suppose

gandle(4 NE)September 6, 2010

Evryone has gone home from our annual get-together. The cat was pleased to see the first arrivals until the number grew to about 20 then she vanished into the middle of the raspberry patch no to show until breakfast each morning, 30 was more than she could take especially when she saw the 1 year old. We had expexted 26 to show up. 30 did. A grandson who has a small security business rarely can com to a holiday meet, he seems to be busiest when campuses are about empty and other buildings are closed for holidays. He, DIL and 2 great grandkids chowed up for 4 or 5 hours and the tribe was complete.

We ate and talked and talked and ate and enjoyed ourselves greatly.

A picture that I'm sure 2 granddaughters will cherish shows George sitting on the settee on the patio with a 7 day old great granddaughter on 1 arm and a 13 day old great grandson on the other. He has the biggest smile on his face and the tears are streaming down his face, tears of joy I'm sure. H. one of the mothers said grandpa youre crying. He said no I'm just sweating in the heat and can't wipe my face, if you have'nt noticed I have a baby in each arm. Sweat my foot, it wasn't even warm.

SILs did a lot of projects that George is unable to do anymore and the MD SIL was very happy with a rather large project involving woodworking. The table saw and other power tools got quite a workout over the weekend.

2 of the families brought RV's and 3 had motel rooms but we still managed to put up 10 people in this 3 bedroom house.

Now that everyone is gone and everything cleaned up and put away we ae already looking forward to next Labor Day weekend and most of the crowd promised to be here.

Bur , don't tell anyone but the quiet and calm sure seems nice too when we are here alone.

One of the DD's who lives deep in the sandhills actually about 50 miles from any grocery store brought us several pounds of shoulder bacon and a couple of pounds of bacon sausage. These arenot from a commercial source but from a family that still processes and smokes and cures meat tthe old fashioned way. I guess you have to put in a request for their product months in advance in order to get it and we don't know whether or not it has a government stamp and we sure don't care.

Typed until my fingers are tired so will quit. George can't touch type anymore. The severe neuropathy from all that chemo has damaged the nerves in both his hands and feet so if he posts it will probably short posts.

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Thank you, Leone, for your beautiful description of a family get-together. I love to hear about families interacting and the closeness is so nice, I have come from a small family and still have a small family, so hearing these stories are so special.
I am happy that both you and George don't let the problems of aging get in your way,

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Love the big family reunion. What a contrast to our weekend, just the two of us. I too come from a small family which is now scattered over the globe, ditto my husband's and it is rare to get more than 5 people together at the same time. Now take it easy for the next few days and rest.
I hope George's neuropathy improves over time. I don't think it ever will completely disappear but I got used to mine over the years.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Looks like you had a lovely get together. I'd love to see that photo of George and the great grandbabies!

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I loved reading every word of this. How many people were there Leone?

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Leone, what a joy to read your post; thanks so much for letting us share your family reunion. The love you all have for each other comes thru -- loud and clear.

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I loved reading of your family weekend. What a wonderful tradition.

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I was mostly fearless as a child, but them there flying monkeys made me hide behind the couch.....

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drat, wrong thread......

Sigh, my days of multitasking may be over...

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