Lotus seeds

willow1987(8)March 9, 2011

Hi I recently got some lotus seeds. After 3 days one sprouted. I was wondering should I let it sprout all of it juvenile leaves before I replant it, or could replant it now? I also want to put it in a large container, would that be alright for a sprout to grow in? Thank you

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I always plant my lotus seeds just as the roots start forming to prevent from damaging the roots. I also plant the shell in the soil making sure not to break the root or stems.

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Thank you pondmaninal. One of the sprouts has already come out of the seed. I have them in a pint bucket now. So I guess I need transplant each one soon.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I just planted mine today also in a pot with a 13 inch diameter and 9 inches deep pot. I have an inch of water above the soil line. The soil is mainly clay from the garden.

You say that you have 3 sprouted already, and so do I.

I am wondering if I can put all three in the same pot, or would that be too crowded?

Any thoughts?

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Hi jroot. I'm very new to lotus plants. Right now mine are in a 10 gallon tank until they develop more leaves, then I'm going to plant them in 12 gallon buckets. I may put one in each bucket, because I know the more room they have the better growth and bigger the leaves. I wish I could be more helpful

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

This information is VERY helpful. I guess I am overcrowding mine. Thanks.

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Well at first they wont be crowded but eventually you would have to separate them because they would definitely compete with each other in a container. And I read that their growing tips and roots are fragile too

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Hi. I plant my lotus in their own pots as they get very large. Also I would recomend more then one inch of water for the lotus. I always make sure my lotus have plenty of water to grow. I have two ponds now dedicated for lotus only. I've found if you want them to survive the winter they must over winter in a pond. I've done this without and with pond and my only winter survivers were the ones IN the pond. Also feed lotus after fourth floating leaves appear. I have about 40 plants growing now. Both nuciferia and lutea.so this is my expirence with lotus. I've been growing from seed for several years now.I have older plants and baby seedlings. I'm looking foward to my flowers this year! Lotus won't flower until the second year of life so make sure to over winter correctly and then you will enjoy your flowers! Good luck

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heres my experience with lotus so far hope it might help with any questions that you have now or in the future. i havent updated pictures yet but there are so many leaves you cant see the water anymore including aerials:)

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog on lotus

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picture of yard. pictureof bog garden pictures of pond. pictureof new stone seat at fire pit.

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Sorry I posted in the wrong place

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Oh my God! Its just so beautiful, gorgeous! Loved every bit of your bog garden. Loved the rocks. Can you tell us what kind they are? I wud love to hear more. Its just awesome... thank you so much for sharing! And that red bridge.. just perfect, loved it.

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Oh, I am so impressed. What a lovely yard. The stream and pond are like the icing on the cake.

Great job you've done.


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