Help with Blackberry pruning and winterizing

fredm112September 6, 2010

I am a relatively new gardener and have planted several varieties of berries, now that winter is coming quickly, I find myself short on knowledge as far as pruing them for winter. Any help from people who know what they are talking about would be greatly appreciated.

1. Prime Jan Blackberries

2. Apache Blackberries

3. Loganberries

Questions are, which do I trim back to the ground, which do I want to save the cane and which do I want to save all of the vine growth from this year? I can't understand a lot of what I read, one year vines, second year etc. so please be as specific as you can be.

Thanks for any assistance from knowledgable people and good gardening to all.


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Fred,I'm going to give you the link to a forum here that is exclusively about fruits. I'll bet someone there can give you all your answers pretty quickly. Good luck with your berries..I envy that you are growing them.

Here is a link that might be useful: fruit forum

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