My sign is on the wrong planet or something.

Janis_G(z7GA)September 29, 2011

I am afraid to go into my kitchen to cook a meal.

Shoot, I'm even thinking I should just hide in the closet

until this phase of the moon, sun, stars, planets or

whatever is over.

I cut a chunk out of my thumb one night.

Last night it was a finger and today I am sporting

a badly bruised social finger.

Pretty soon I'll run out of fingers and band aids.

It's pretty bad when Katrina gets the first aid kit out

every time I go toward the kitchen.

Are the planets out of whack or must I blame it on being a klutz?

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I know the planets are outta whack!!! I cannot tell you what an awful Monday I had. It was so bad I literally kept thinking, it'd be so nice to just curl up in a protective ball and suck my thumb. I never even sucked it as a kid??? Dunno. It was awful. Even the LF had a bad week. He was so broken-hearted yesterday I took him to the swankiest restaurant and bought him the hugest sundae ever. He put bits of oreos, toffee, chocolate chips, pecans, m&m, caramel sauce, hot fudge sauce, just kept mixing it up, stirring it, nibbling at it, until he finally quit crying. The planets are really out of alignment. Sheesh.

Social finger. Now dont you be going all social on me.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Jan, do I need to mail you a pair of Kevlar kitchen gloves? They're a little unwieldy, but at least you can't cut yourself through them.

Sheesh woman! Your kitchen finally gets put back together and you've been out of circulation so long, you've forgotten how to use it! Were I your doctor, I would prescribe take-out until you heal, and then starting over slowly. Wearing aforementioned Kevlar gloves, if necessary.


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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm willing to blame anything that can't bite back.

I got up, went to the kitchen to make a glass of iced tea: enroute, knocked my shoulder on the doorway [pretty bruise], knocked the glass over instead of grabbing it down from the shelf, dropped 1/2 the ice cubes onto bare toes [ouch!], poured from the pitcher of tea but missed the glass, grabbed a towel to wipe up and mid-swipe noticed it was a good white one, not the old swiper.

THEN, I realized I hadn't put my glasses on. Stubbed my toe on the way to wherever my glasses were hiding, looked down to pat stubbed toe and noticed the other toe was bleeding from sharp edge of ice cube, leaving splotches of gore on carpet with every step. Got bandaid for toe, discovered none in right size, wrapped TP around it to catch drips, and went to get glasses. Finding them was the best thing that had happened so far ~ I didn't step on them :)

Planets, stars, moon alignment, low pressure system, or klutzyness. I think it only right to blame them all.

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gandle(4 NE)

Janis, I think it was that big piece of junk from space that interferred with the planets, must be, I tripped going up from the basement and sprained a thumb. Maybe now that it landed in the ocean we can go back to normal. Whatever that is.

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Even my appliances are going haywire.
The new microwave quit working after 3 weeks.
My instant hot water thingy stopped heating the water.
Bought a new microwave and hot water thingy.

The guy came by today and installed the microwave
but when he started to do the water thingy it started heating again.
I'll wait and see if it is still heating water tomorrow
before I start spending my refund money.
I was going into the kitchen, tripped over a chair and fell
partly in the breakfast room with my head whacking the new tile in the kitchen.
The tile didn't break but my toe hurts and I have a bruise on my thigh.

I bought a new electric blanket but now I'm afraid to plug it in.
One new thing I did buy is a new coffee maker. It's working great and I love it.
Then there is the new oven, it's working.
Shoot, it's not so bad after all, tomorrow I might just be
able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

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Janis, it's a new month, so, hopefully, all your mishaps are behind you.

The leaves are beginning to show some color, and the daily high temperature hasn't hit 80 degrees in over two weeks'. Heck, our heat has even come on a few times. I'm lovin' it!!

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May I join the bunch? My new hot water pot developed a leak (heat plate not completely sealed) on the second day I used it. Since yesterday I have a nose job with 5 stitches, self applied facial abrasions cosmetic surgery and wish I had a burkha. Warning for all people: Do not keep both hands in pockets and admire the sky when walking on an uneven sidewalk. It will be Wednesday before I get new glasses.

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OUCH!, anneliese! Don't take over where Janis, Robb, Meldy, and Gandle left off!

I'm almost afraid to read any more posts in this message. :>(

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Oy! Hope this stays on the East side of the Rockies, in my neck of the woods: so far, so good! I got my legs back, walk about 4000 steps (have a pedometer - fun) Played with the firewood, fed the goats, put up and let out the chickens.
I am not bragging, but it is just so nice to be almost normal, though still using cane and limping a bit.
Be safe there, folks, if your environment is out to get you: beware!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I just wish the klutzies had left off!

Over the weekend, I got a blister on may palm because I was a nice guy and let DH use MY peeler (wonderful ultrasharp Swedish gadget) and then used his (dull in comparison) to help finish peeling pears to can. Didn't just raise a bump, broke it to bleeding! Amazing how much it hurts when it gets wet.

Sunday, I noticed that one tile (that's a section of the design) in the quilt block had gotten caught while sewing another seam. 8 inches of 12-to-the-inch stitching to remove.

Today, scared my banker when my left knee unloocked in mid-stride and I almost fell into the window of his nice glass-enclosed office. He was so shook up he was literally shaking. Still didn't offer better than a 2% interest rate on a new account, so you know he made a quick recovery.

This morning, walking across a parking lot, a pickup truck almost made squished-Meldy ~ his bumper was touching my jeans when he stopped. A man [who had just begun walking towards me across the same lane] began screaming at the driver in multi-lingual cussing (I recognized some of the words in Spanish, German and English but there were a lot more that I didn't know). The driver just looked him and raised a corner of his top lip, and took off with tires squealing. Well, multi-lingual guy was okay, and I was okay, and that was that.

When I look at what's been happening to the rest of you, I figure I'm doing real good: appliances are working, there have been no real injuries to me or anyone nearby, nothing has flooded out or wind-blown down, and tomorrow's a new day.

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OK, that's it! After a fall by a friend of my husband and his 16 stitches I declare that we take Fall too literary. From now on we have AUTUMN - no more Fall!

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I'm opening this post very gingerly, so not to trigger any more troubles.
But there is hope that things will change.
DH is a doityourselfer, he has every tool (even power tools) known to a happy man.
Over the years he has built and fixed all kinds of things, but he has also had plenty of "accidents" while working with these tools.
"It's pretty bad when Katrina gets the first aid kit out
every time I go toward the kitchen".
Janis, we get the first aid kit whenever he goes into the garage.
A couple of months ago he decided to build an inner gate to our side yard from scratch. I held my breath the whole time, but wonders of all wonders, not one drop of blood was shed, no banged fingers etc. The gate is pretty much done, he has one more hole to drill. If that goes well, he had set a record of no injuries on a project. Things are looking up.

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west gardener, I'm reading your post which was written on Oct. 3. It's now one day later--Oct. 4--and I have to know: was the last hole drilled successfuly and the gate finished with no injuries to anyone? I hope so! :>)

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DH is in the garage working on the gate as I post this. So far so good. Stay tuned.

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This thread is really scary. I'm not even going to recount some of my recent missteps in fear of them escalating. Janis, Meldy, Anneliese... stop, go sit in a padded chair for a couple of months. Shudder.

On the other hand, Lilo, I'm glad you're doing so well. Lifts me up just to hear you. West, congrats to your husband and you. Chuckle.

Going to carefully go to the kitchen to warm some food, wishing the knee unlocking story didn't bring up so many recent memories. Btw, I'm a yelper. When sudden pain happens I yelp, loudly. The dog is so used to it he just looks to see if he's going to need to help me, but the cats usually have lift off.

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So how are my co-sufferes doing? George, how is your thumb? Got my stitches out this afternoon. The whole thing happened too early, right now I would not need a mask for Halloween, between skinned nose and checks and a shinner I loook scarry enough, LOL.

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I hope everyone is back to normal and that the planets have aligned themselves in their proper places.

Regarding the gates that DH made. They are beautiful. The last hole was drilled today and the gates are hung, all without a single "injury". It is amazing considering his prior history.
Perhaps my guy is getting better with age?


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