July on the farm

michelle_zone4July 22, 2007

A few of the containers:

This is my latest urn that I purchased. The plants are all clearance sale or starts that I had left over.

Lovely lilies:

A few long shots:

I believe Deanne requested photos of this garden, so here's a shot of each end.

This is a new area last year. As you can see its under the dryer vent and I wasn't sure how things would overwinter there, but they did fine. The stuff in the back are annuals. Deanne, thats a piece of 'Golden Tiara' that you gave me. The iresene in the containers is from you also. The Patty's Plum poppies are seeds from Ei. How fun to have the Idylls in my garden. I'm thinking of keeping all smaller plants in here. In the front at the far left is one of my mini hostas. The big black pot is one of my rain barrels, unfortuneatly its empty.

The potager, if you look closely, I promise there are some vegetables in there. I planted quite a few flowers for cutting this year.

Thanks for taking a stoll with me.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

For someone with empty rain barrels, you have so many lush areas. Your very first container really strikes me! Lots of curvy beds (for T!) and so much color. I'm really impressed, especially since I know that your energy isn't focussed on just your gardens. Somehow the weather and my two week absence really shows at our place. Our sprinkler, like yours, is in constant use. The grass is crispy brown. Your most recent urn is a gem! Thanks for the tour!

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What a beautiful visit! Thanks so much, Michelle.

(I do believe there's veggies in there, but who cares as long as there's Zinnia????) LOL


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It is all very lovely! Thanks for the stroll.
What is the fern in the 1st pic? Is that a small-leaf angel wing begonia in the center combo urn in the 3rd pic?

Sorry about your empty rain barrel. My largest one is full...of water and tadpoles...lol.

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Michelle, beautiful photos! Your garden tour was a fun success this weekend I hope. Do you have any trouble keeping the rock border weed free (weeds popping up inbetween the rocks)? Everything is so lush and lovely. I enjoyed seeing your gardens.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow Michelle!!!! Absolutely wonderful! Marvelous beautiful images. Every one of them. I love all your containers. Such beautiful combinations. I really love that shot with the bench and the chartreuse container with the Creeping Jenny. Is that a Aternanthera in there? the purple plant? I think I have that same geranium too. Mine never blooms well and isn't the hardiest plant I've ever grown but I just love the leaves on that variety. Everything is so lush, especially that potager. You've done an amazing job. You'd never know you've been dealing with drought. Bravo!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O Michelle, how gorgeous! I too really love that first shot -- the bench and that container are scrumptious. You have got a great eye. Things are looking so lovely and so mature now.! I'd love to see it in person some day.

Thanks for taking the time to give us a morning stroll in a gorgeous garden... mine is looking pretty tatty right now and depressing. So this really lifted my spirits.


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I'm glad that you enjoyed the pictures.

Deanne, LOL the purple plant is one of your babies, didn't you recognize her? Iresene, its in the container with the canna also. Funny but that geranium is pretty vigorous for me. It isn't a big bloomer, but I really like it for the foliage.

Marian, that's the cretan brake fern. Its new this year and I really like it. It should be easy to overwinter too. You are right that is an angel wing begonia and its in the container on the left also. One is a cutting of the other.

T, weeds really aren't a problem between the rocks.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh yes, now I see the angel wing in the other pot! ( I MUST get to an eye doc! ) I rooted a cutting of my old,old small-leafed one. Now I have two pots full. My MIL gave my the start at least 25 years ago!
I love that fern. I bought a variegated brake fern this spring. I hope it overwinters well. I repotted it in a larger pot, by it'sself.

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Michelle, your containers are looking especially nice this year. Really love #1 and #2. I also love the stone edging, the miniature plant area, and that gate that I totally envy you. Did I tell you I found one this year but it's not nearly as cool as yours. All of your gardens are looking beautiful, great combos, perfect spacing between plants and such neat little touches. I hope I can visit and see them in person one day. Thanks for sharing them with us! They're truly special!


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Wow, Michelle, everything looks great ! I love the rock border around your beds.And how the potager has filled in since you last posted pics of it..Do you know the name of the lily in pic 5 ? I love the pink/yellow combo on these.I have one similar to this but the yellow is not as pronounced.
So glad you posted these, and look forward to the next set..
Kathy in Napa

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I actually have a hard time photographing the containers so that you can see whats in them. I think the garden as the backdrop doesn't work well.

Kathy, that's 'Tom Pouce'

Eden, you are always welcome to come visit. I don't know if I have seen where you put your gate in your garden. You'll have to post a pic.


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Michelle, thank you for the "stroll". I was thinking about the "regulars" who weren't able to make IUIV all weekend, wonderin' what you were "up to". I missed the fern in the first shot completely... (it ain't Marian that needs the eye doc.), it it the varigated plant with the "crow's foot" configuration? duh.

It's all just so pretty, wish I could smell the lilies, though... can't you do "scratch 'n' sniff"? ;)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Michelle, everything looks great! I love how you've placed the containers around the garden and made focal points out of them. Nice job! We missed you at IU4!


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On my way back from vacation I was thinking of your pottager,Michelle and wondered how it has come along...wowza! It looks phenominal! How about an aerial view--do you have a ladder? just kidding: )

I just admire your knack for combos-nice first pic(cool fern!) Heck all the containers are eyecatching. On pic #3 what is the foliage plant in the right uppermost corner?

I like your use of your gate and the small plantings-I would love to have so many rocks for edging...are those from the farm fields?

What is the tallest purple plant to teh right of the rock in pic #7. Such nice gardens,Michelle! Thanks for the tour~I love what you've created: ) I've decided that of all your garden areas I would spend most of my time sitting in the shade on the tan bench(pic #8)...sipping wine or coffee and reading a book....a garden book of course.


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Thanks Babs! Should I climb on the garden shed roof for a picture? LOL

The foliage in picture #3 upper right is a red twig dogwood behind the pots.
The tall purple is unknown phlox from my aunt's garden. Its much taller than my other varieties.

The rocks are all from our fields picked up over many years.

The bench is one of my favorite spots, in fact I sat there for a couple of minutes just this a.m. before leaving for work.

Thanks again for all the kind comments everyone.


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How funny-you crack me up because I really was going to suggest you use the garden shed roof: )


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Babs, if I break a leg, you will have to come to Iowa to tend my garden ;o)

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Okey dokey! : )...and then I can sit in my favorite garden and sip wine(when I'm not tending of course)...I'm sure we can wheel you out there too-no wine for you since you'll be on pain killers! well,maybe a sip.


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