My senior moment has passed.................

koijoyii(NE Ohio)March 18, 2011

and I remembered the right password. That's why I was not able to log into the pond forum. It's been a long winter and after trying every password I ever created I finally hit the right one. Guess I had a little "brain freeze" this winter. tee-hee-hee. I tried to have I-village send me an email so I could reset it, but they didn't. Anyway, now that I'm able to logon, it was close to 70 degrees yesterday so I took the solar covers off my ponds. Looks like everyone survived (except for the one that jumped out of the water onto the solar cover). The koi seem to be up and searching for food. I have string algae like crazy. My plan this season is to drain the pond to get out all the unwanted fry from last season. They (last year's fry) are about 5-6 inches long now. While I have the pond drained I want to remove my skimmer cover and reinstall the skimmer door the right way. I put it in upside down when I installed it, and didn't realize this until MikeIL brought it to someone else's attention. I can't believe ponding season is almost here. It was a rough winter for both my son and I, but it's amazing what the sunshine does. Seeing my fish again and knowing they all made it through the winter puts me in good spirits. "Let the ponding season begin!"


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Glad to see you again. My pond is still under about 2 feet of snow, so I don't know yet who survived.

However, today was in the 60's so hopefully the snow will melt!


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

LOL! You are too young for senior moments. Wait until you are my age. I suspect it might be more of an overload of info that temporarily sidetracked your password, much easier to do at your age.

When I was much younger and managing a store, I tried to set the alarm system and everything went dead. I went to an outside phone to call security and was suddenly surrounded by many policemen with drawn weapons. It turned out I had put in the wrong code, one from 20 years previous, and that code had told security that I was being robbed at gunpoint.

Now I just use two passwords, one short and one long. It seems to be working except recently the ATM suddenly decided the PIN I have used for three years was incorrect. Glad I didn't lose my card or call the police again.

Spring can't come soon enough!!

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Glad you got the password figured out Jenny! I would have not known to do if one of my most trusted pond mentors on this forum had disappeared.

Happy spring and let's get ready to pond!!

Jenny B

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Jenny's back- Let's pond and kayak!!!

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contraryjim(z8 WA)

Every time I go out to the Ponds and find that the Raccoons have paid a visit, I FORGET WHY I put in the ponds. There must have been a good reason?? Or just a new project

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Glad you figured it out! I have to "use it" or I loose it too! I almost gave up on facebook cuz of that(I just don't "Get" facebook anyways...I know people who are on it for hrs every day, who has time for that!!!! heh heh!)It is rainy again today....back to the rain....but the sun will be back!!! I Hope!

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