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gandle(4 NE)September 11, 2012

I'm on the board of one of the communitys senior housing facilities ansd a large sign posted by the door says NO SOLICITING. During the work week some of our office staff can watch the entrance area and are good about questioning any one they think might be a bit suspicious. Last Saturday, a young woman, described as very cute and Oh so polite, reminded me of a granddaughter, made the rounds of our facility supposedly selling magazine subscriptions all to help a school for disadvantaged children. You guessed it a scam. This facility is for the elderly and frail according to HUD's rules. This gal talked at least 8 of them into buying ten year subscriptions for some probably non-existant magazines. But, in every case, she asked to use their bathrooms, well they all thought her so nice and cute of course they agreed. She emptied every one of their pill bottles but left the bottle, the only ones that didn't get taken that way were the ones that had their pills in the kitchen where it was visible.

She apparently did the same with less success at a facility for more mobile and younger residents.

When some of tthe residents began complaining to others that they didn't realize their pill supply was so low that one of them sort of got the idea that something was amiss. When we heard about it of course the police were notified, nothing they could do of course but talk to the residents and try to tell them that this is a scam that often is tried on the elderly. Some of these residents are in the high eighties and low nineties. This scammer was able to talk them into 10 year subscriptions but even three days later some won't believe that they have been taken. But, she was such a sweet young lady, she couldn't have been dishonest.

We don't have it in the budget for camera security, HUD won't O.K it but we are going to buy a security camera anyway. It just won't go in the budget as a camera.

It would appear that the total take in our 30 unit facility is close to $1800 and I'm sure the pills had a street value.

The sad part, I don't think that some of the residents believe thy have been taken.

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That is truly horrible! And the law most likely is not going to catch them, sad, isn't it?

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It's not only horrible, but very sad. There have always been people who take advantage of others, but it seems more and more prevalent in our world, today.

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My SIL was aging and close to dementia. Her daughters had to go to work, but they told her never to open the door to anyone she didn't know.

The bad guys were watching. They saw her occasionally on the porch with her walker. The neighbors were working and the house faced on to a little used park. There was no one around.

They pounded on her front door over and over, shouting that this was an emergency, that she had to let them in. She did.
They told her that the water was about to explode and ruin her house. That she had to go into the bathroom and turn on the water in the bathtub. She asked them why they didn't go in and turn it on. They told her that they had to check the plumbing.

While she was in the bathroom, they put something against the door so she couldn't get out easily. They cleaned her out. Besides the cash, there was a valuable coin collection. They even took her important papers, her house history was gone. At least they didn't harm her physically, but she was decimated and it lead to hastening mental problems.

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Lots of desperate ones out there so all we can do is stay vigilant. Sad that people think demeaning themselves and preying on the vulnerable is a way to get by. It lowers the human equation. Karma will hopefully catch up some how.

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Yes, scams are going on, In our high end, high income neighboor city there have been a rash of burglaries in the last few months. They strike during the day, even when the residents are at home. It seems the police is not able to stop it. The news stations have picked up the story and are asking tough questions.

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It just makes me sick to hear of these scams.I don't understand how a person could sleep at night after doing somethinmg so dishonest.Just don't understand.

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gabriell......they don't think of it being dishonest. They have no concept of what dishonesty is.

To them, such actions are being smart. Getting money, etc. the easy way is "smart"

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Here the "grandchild" telephone scam is making the rounds again. Of course there always is one poor soul who falls for it.

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