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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)July 10, 2007

Hi Guys! Well, I feel bad making my own post, when I haven't even been able to get through all the other separate posts, but I really could use your help. Anyway, I wanted to show you guys something and want your opinions. I was going to say "honest, but kind opinions"...but then realized I didn't have to say that, you guys are always as kind as you can be! :-)

Anyway, as parents of the groom, we are to have a rehersal dinner for everyone standing up for the wedding and immediate family from both sides. I really don't know any of Christy's family, so I'm a bit nervous about how my invite will be perceived. I decided to make my own invitation and will be printing it out at home. I wasn't planning on sending invites at all (just do word of mouth) but Christy & Paul said personal invites were the way to go. Anyway, I searched high and low around here and found no "Rehearsal Dinner" invitations. I found a couple on line, but was afraid they would get here to late. I would like to send them out in the next week or so.

So here's what I came up with. Tell me the you think it's "too corny"? Are the crowns "a bit too much"? I just don't want Christy's family to think I'm hokey...or cheap or something (for not purchasing invites). I guess I'm just so tickled about the whole wedding thing; maybe I got too carried away....Anyway...what would you think if you got an invite like this?

Thanks in advance for your help! P.S. Hope you don't have to strain your eyeballs too much to read it...I couldn't figure out how to make it bigger. And my apologies to Frankie...I took a little poetic license with the words to the song...LOL!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh, and honestly...I won't be offended if you think I would be better off to just get some blank cards and fill them in with the info., that was my other thought to do.
Thanks! Ei

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Ei, I love the My Fair Lady thing-even with the poetic license ! If it was me, I would replace the crowns with a top hat and wedding veil of some sort--if that is even possible ! Other than that, I love it, and like the graphics around the border too...
Kathy in Napa

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Thanks Kathy! That's a great suggestion...I didn't search very hard through Microsoft's clips. I found these and so I used them, but I like the veil/top hat suggestion better. Will have to see if microsoft word has some clips for top hats and veils that I can use. If they don't, do you think I would be better off to just remove the crowns?
Thanks Again...Ei

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Ei, I, too, like the idea of replacing the crowns with a top hat and veil....if you cannot find those then I'd just take the crowns off.

I don't know what to suggest about traditional versus fun & clever (the invite is fun and clever!). You're going to have to be the best judge if this is a fun crowd you are inviting or if they are more the traditional and won't find these entertaining. real help from me.

They are a good looking couple......I hope they enjoy many decades of wedded bliss together!


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It's your party,
So invite as you want to,
Invite as you want to,
Invite as you want to,
You'd invite, too, if it happened to you!!!!

I say, if the wedding itself is formal, a bit of levity is a good thing!!! The couple doesn't look too stodgy and this party should reflect that. A homegrown invitation, IMHO, shows caring.

Agree with the crown replacement --


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'd eliminate the crowns completely. Seems busy to me. I enjoy seeing the happy couple clearly!
Then too, since I like simple, the plain blank card route sounds good too!
(Hope I'm not being too brutally honest Ei!)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Guys! No, you were a lot of help and not too honest. That's just the kind of opinions I was looking for. Good point T about traditional. I could wait until I go to the bridal shower to find out, but since I really don't know Christy's family, I think I'll just play it safe and either go with the blank cards or just remove the crowns altogether. Thinking about it now, they may be pretty traditional since Christy & Paul suggested sending rehearsal invites, rather than doing word of mouth.

Anyway, you guys have been a great help and that's why I posted here, cause I knew you would be. Thanks again guys!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I don't have any advice for you, since I was never involved in Tim's wedding(s), but I can feel the excitment in your post, and am so happy for you and the good-looking couple.

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Ei - I'd love to see it but its gone. Any chance of putting it back up for another day even if you've already decided? I'm a big fan of fun and creative, especially when the sender's creative personality comes through.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ei - I saw it before it was gone & loved it; agreed about the crowns & others' comments. From my own experience w/ my DD's wedding 3 years ago, I dont recall her in-laws sending invites to anyone - it was pretty much word of mouth & the engaged couple made sure out of town guests & others got the info; but if they prefer an invite to give to their guests, I love the one you've created!


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I think that written invites are nice, that way everyone knows the time and place, especially those who might just be family but not needed at the rehearsal. There seems to be less chance of leaving someone out. The image isn't visible so I can't comment on that part.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

LOL had me laughing *out loud* are too funny!

Anyway, even though I've pretty much decided to go with plain invites or possibly the one I made, but minus any head ornamanents (lol)...I've decided to repost the pic (though it's changed cause I was playing with Kathy's idea of veil and top hat)so that you and Mary could see it. Probably won't keep this one up too long though either though! :-)

Anyway, here goes...

Hope this image is clearer for you Michelle! ;-)

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I vote for no crowns, no hats, no veils. Just a lovely picture of two very happy young people.

(I specialize in brutality).


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How about Hallos? I think you could put crowns, or wigs (could you make them bald?) or antlers, anything at all. Because the fluff doesn't matter anyway, it's all about a good time. And your new in-laws are lucky their daughter is marrying into a family with so much spirit and creativity and laughter.

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Ei, I can't imagine someone having a better MIL than you. If I had to vote I'd probably go with nothing on their heads. I think the veil and tophat are pretty cute too though. Whatever you decide I know it will be a fun time that will create great memories.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Thanks Cynthia & Chelone - honesty is good. Well, I wouldn't have made them bald or with antlers! :-) My intention wasn't to make fun of *them*...just to make the invite cute, but I'm glad you mentioned that because I can see how someone might take it that way. I think I will just stick with the plain invites. Thanks again everyone! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oops! Hi Eden! We must have been posting at the same time. Thanks for giving me your opinion too. I really am so glad I asked you guys before I sent them. :-)


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