What cv of daisy is this?

Zaqa(10b)June 8, 2014

This is a daisy, has all of the characteristics of one, but I do not know the species. What per chance might it be?

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A second daisy, either of the same plant or another species and/or cv? Please ID. Thank you!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

The second is Leucanthemum x superbum, Shasta Daisy. The first I don't know. Can you show us again when it flowers? Or at least tell us what colour it blooms?

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Thank you. The second is slightly different from my other clumps, but then again it may have diverged from normalacy due to location. Thank you. I beleive that the daisy(?) represented in photo one exhibits a yellow flower, but I will take a photo of it later on to be certain. Unless it is a Rudbeckia due to the soft and bristly leaves?

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