digitalis purpurea(foxglove) propagation

westover(Portland OR)July 5, 2009

They thrive in my garden, but they've finished blooming, and I know I'm supposed to cut the stalk with the spent flowers to encourage a second bloom. But I want the seed from that flower stalk, and it's still green, so I don't know whether the seed will be viable if I cut it now, or whether I have to wait until the stalk withers and turns brown before the seed will be viable. Anyone?

Second question: most of the stalks are the usual purple, but a few are white, and one is salmon colored. Will the seed be true to the color of the stalk? Will the seed from the stalk of white flowers produce white flowers again? Or is it a more complex Mendelian result?


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darlene87(z7 Wa)

I always cut off over half of the plants, and let the bottom half make the seeds. Also, at times, I pull up the whole plant, if there is no new mother plant at the base. If there is a new plant at the base, sometimes I cut off the whole stem, and let a few other stems go to seed. I can't help on the color of the flower though, as I have white, pink, and purple, and just toss seeds all over, and then later, pull up the smaller plants I don't want.

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