What caused damage (prank or something)?

linaria_gwJune 20, 2014

Slightly off topic, but this forum is much more activ than the Dahlia site.

That pic is of a short Dahlia type. It was fine one day, looked slightly funny one afternoon and was half dead the next evening. It is in a planter together with other annuals. Could salt solution cause this, or something similar?

I remember that I noticed wet patches on the soil the other afternoon, so someone else had poured something into the planter.
There is a black eyed Susan/ Thunbergia that was also strongly affected, dropping all leaves, vines drying up almost completely.

When I found that poor Dahlia I flooded the planter with fresh water hoping to get rid off whatever had caused it.

The other plants kept going more or less, especially a Lantana (are they salt tolerant by the way...?).

Anyone an idea?

I have replanted and my anger has cooled down, but I would still like to know what that was.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Is the planter in a public location?

I suppose could be poison.

Also looks like sunburn.

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If I was limited to a single guess I would say a very tall dog with a large bladder or an intoxicated fat man with similar intent. The leaf closest to camera suffered most and those below show where it dripped onto them. Now to recall a guest you didn't see to their car the night before damage was discovered. OMG,I hope it wasn't in broad daylight.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

ditto what klem1 says.....or fertilizer burn.....

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

very tall dog with a large bladder or an intoxicated fat man with similar intent.

==>>> whats the significance of the man being fat??? ... lol

pee is fertilizer ... a form or urea ... isnt it?? .. so to say fert burn.. would be redundant ... if you are discussing fat men

could we suggest that anything being carried in a cup by a fat man??? .... could have been dumped into the container .. coffee.. beer.. alcohol ... red bull???? .... hmmmm .. so many possibilities .. maybe he had a jar of pickles.. and it was vinegar?????

i dont suppose you noticed any lingering aroma.. before you flooded it????


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Thanks for your input,
that narrows it down to some kind of salt/ fertilizer burn.

How lethal is dog pee, could one spill cause that much burn?

The planter is in front of our house, next to a pretty busy pavement.

So, very likely dog or mug content.

The Dahlias were growing for 3 weeks at least in the sun, so no sun burn.

I did not apply fertilzer.

No scent of vinegar, coffee, pee, red bull or anything noticable. I usually pick up funny scent ( have to test smell dubious milk etc in our family).

And could be with bad intent or ingnorance,
2 years ago someone ripped off half of my annual climber when we were on a holiday in the very same planter.

Only thing I wonder about now is, how strong a solution would have to be to burn leaves after one contact.

Well then, at least the new stuff keeps growing,
Thanks, bye, Lin

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