The morning garden

michelle_zone4July 12, 2006

This morning everything was soft and hazy.

This is a new little raised area. The dirt kept washing on the path so I "fixed" it. This is the garden gate that my dad gave me from his childhood home. The black container catches rain water. It's empty now :0(

This is a clematis that I am trying to grow up the tree trunk.

Notice by the door the huge clematis. I cut it to the ground in the fall. It was supposed to be Multi-blue, but it definately isn't.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Michelle! My favourite time of day for photos! What beauties. The Ville de Lyon climbing the tree is a pretty sight indeed. I wonder if it doesn't need more to attach itself to in the short term. Maybe fishing wire? It probably needs lots of extra watering if the tree roots are there.

Do you know what clematis it is near the door? What colour is it? ;-)

The sun dial garden is one of my fave mood shots and of course the last shot too.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

MIchelle!!! Be still my heart! Thank you for doing this. These are absolutely lovely and that last photo with the evergreens behind the border is wonderful. I love each and every one of them. Nothing like a little morning fog to give everything a soft romantic mood.


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What a beautiful romantic country garden you have Michelle. The large trees and evergreens give your gardens such a nice backdrop. And of course I just love all of your little touches throughout the gardens. And that gate...I so want one! Thanks for sharing these pictures. Your gardens are wonderful! Hoping your rain catcher is full soon...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Such beauty! Thanks for sharing it with us.
I'm sure you know that you won't want to leave the ties around the clematis-tree very long. They could girdle the tree, unless they are biodegradable.

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Michelle, these photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing long shots of your gardens and areas around your home. I love seeing the 'whole' picture and appreciate you sharing more of your property. The brick edging looks so nice and your curvy beds to die for ;o).

Thank you for sharing some more of your beauty with us.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Beautiful pics Michelle...I think "misty views" are my favorite! Is that soil?!? in the bed with your dad's gate? If so, that is about the finest soil I've ever seen! :-) Love what you used to make your walkway and patio. Gorgeous container planting that Sedona coleus in the back (the orangey looking plant)? That is one *healthy* clematis! What did it end up being, if not Multi-Blue?

Yes, beautiful and romantic country garden, Eden stated my thoughts exactly! Thanks for sharing this Michelle. I always love to see beautiful Idyll pics. Ei

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, Michelle! I love the ambience created by the morning mist. As Eden said, a country garden at it's best. The long shot with the evergreen background is my favorite. I took a picture in my garden this morning...of my new resident, Mr. Deer, as he strolled through my reclamation area and sampled one of my Viburnums. ACK!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I can only echo everyone else's comments, Michelle - truly lovely country garden at its best -- worthy of a magazine layout! You're getting very good at these threads and setting the mood!!! You've got great ornaments in the garden too -- a terrific job of them set in the right spots.

Thanks for sharing (I've got lots & lots of water here I'd love to share w/ your garden.... drowning in it at present).


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I'm glad you enjoyed my garden with me. It was very misty again this a.m. with even a few drips filling the rain tub.

Ei, that is my homemade compost in that bed. It sure is pretty isn't it? ;o) The coleus in the pot is 'Tilt-a-whirl' That area is kind of bare as that is where our propane tanks sat last year.

The reason I have a long border in front of the Colorado blue spruces is because they were there when I first started garden but much smaller and I thought someday they would make a great backdrop. They are really getting to a nice size now.

The clematis by the front door almost attacks you as you go up the walk. I suspect it is Jackmanii. It will need to be moved though as we are going to tear out the sidewalk and replace the wrought iron corner post that it grows on. We will be curving the sidewalk out and have more planting area between the sidewalk and garage which extends beyond the right side of the picture.

Sue, the border by the evergreens seems to be where the deer will come from. It is the farther from the house and dog than some. So far they really only bother my tulips. We do see them grazing in the soybeans which is beyond that. I guess there's enough for them to eat there.

Thanks again for your interest

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Michelle, Awesome!Love your place. You are real good at creating beautiful interesting beds. Hope you get some rain soon. We are getting a nice one right now. Best one all spring or summer.
What is the varigated grass?, on the point of the bed in the last picture. Does it stay short like that? Norma

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Fantastic - what a lovely place to enjoy. The gardens are just perfect in that romantic morning light. Thank you for sharing them with us.

I have tilt-a-whirl coleus too and its become my absolute favorite.


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Norma that is pallida ÂAureo Variegata Variegated Iris.

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Michelle I apologize for getting here so late!
I am amazed at your pics-they look like images you'd see in a garden book with that dramatic misty background-very nice!!
I really like your garden style with the way you combine the garden area and the sitting area-such a tranquil setting(the mist helps too lol) Even the distant views of the larger tree forms are so attractive and compliment your garden areas.
How cool we have the same garden gate theme: ) Are you going to put in a vine climbing it?
Thanks for takng time to post these!


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Babs, I'm later than you LOL. I can only see 3 of the photos-but they sure are lovely! I also love the EG backdrop to the perennial border.

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growlove(zone4 Ia.)

I just found this site on the forum and so happy to see your pics, Michelle. We garden on an acre and have lots of beds but none to compare with your pics. My beds are suffering from the heat and lack of water since we are under a water restriction in our town. It pains me to watch my flowers suffer. Michelle, your gardens look like they could be growing in England with the fog. So inviting. I noticed you are in zone 4 and somewhere in northwest Iowa so we are practically neighbors. Am always looking for someone from zone 4 to converse with. If we are close by, would love to see yours in person. Mary

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