Attn: Boxwood experts--what is this?

robinkaspar(VA-7)June 29, 2013

A friend and I are having a friendly "discussion" about valuable boxwoods. She insists mine (attached) is an English boxwood and worth a lot of money. I thought mine was a common variety, maybe Japanese, and no big deal if we take them out of our front yard. I just cannot imagine our builder planting expensive landscaping...

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If you don't want them, offer them for sale on CL or ebay. Someone might want them and do the work of digging them out as a bonus.

Just list them as Buxus (boxwood) and let people decide for themselves which they might be.

Life's too short to grow plants you don't love, no matter what they are worth. ;o)

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Carrie B(6B/7A)

I think it is buxus sempervirens, common boxwood. But, then, I am in no way a boxwood expert.

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