Mystery plant!

RachelinRoathJune 22, 2014

Bought this from B&Q in a multi buy offer. We bought loads that day, all I can remember of this is that it had really lovely, yellow flowers on the little picture that came with it. When we bought it it was tiny and it has shot up - but produced no flowers! Can you please tell me what it is? Thanks very much!

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omg thank you! I had 'hollyhock' written in my gardening book but for the wrong section of the garden. I must have planned it and then changed my mind!

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Hollyhocks are biennials, that means they grow green foliage the first year and then come back next year to bloom. Once they go to seed, the same plant will not come back next year.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Hollyhocks can be short lived (3-5 years) perennials in our climate, Donna. If this one was seed grown by the nursery there is a chance it will not flower the same colour as on the label. I've collected seed from pale yellow hollyhocks only for them to flower burgundy. They are a promiscuous lot those Hollyhocks.

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