IU4 Longwood - photo heavy

deanneart(z5Southern NH)August 1, 2007

Hi all, I've finally gotten a bit of time today to upload some photographs from IU4. Thought you'd all enjoy these images from Longwood.

We all couldn't believe the size of these Lime Zingers. Sue was quite accommodating to show the scale of these plants.

Can you find Cindy in this one?

This row of fountains was being repaired but still gorgeous and impressive even without water.

Everybody is having a great time.



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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Oh Deanne, thank you! These pics are so beautiful, I wonder if you and I really took pics at the same place. You truly captured the beauty of Longwood.

Love the mini-Sue, and Cindy's floating hat!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It all looks so cool and green...Lovely pots, orange hues, water lilies and more. It has been quite a few years since I've been there. Thanks for the beautiful update Deanne.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Outstanding! Thank you Deanne!
I am fascinated by the huge waterlily leaves, and love the pic of Sue under the Elephant's Ear.
Neat pic of Cindy's hat...:-)
I suspect the Fuchsia standards were some of your favorites.
All the water pics are gorgeous. I am wondering about the 'steps' with the gossamer look? Is that water?

A body would need a week or more to take all that in!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O wow, Deanne - I KNEW you would come thru with totally awesome, fantastic shots -- you're so artistic w/ such a keen eye in all that you do! Thanks so much for getting right to this after getting home --

What wonderful treat!! I feel like Im there again (sans heat).


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Fabu fabu Deanne!! I was able to enjoy the visit all over again. You've captured the beauty perfectly. I'll have to show the floating hat to DH - just the sort of touch he loves in photos. Thank you.


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Wonderful photos Deanne! I knew I could count on you to come through with some great container garden pics. I can't believe the size of that lime zinger, makes mine look teeny tiny, lol. What a beautiful garden Longwood is!!!


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If you could hear me gasping you'd think I was having respiratory failure....nope-just loving what you saw and are sharing with us! Truthfully I am having adjective dysfunction here; ) I can't describe the feel I get from seeing your pics. Such dramatic waves of magnificent color. Tranquil vistas that pull you into the scene. Outstanding artistry of photography...remind me to get one of those cameras you have lol.

So what do you bet that someone at Longwood lurks at our idylls and decided to use Deanne's fuchsia standards? lol. I bet you just loved seeing those up close-I wish I could have. Were any of them the same cultivar's you have?

Now you have a great use for all the cuttings of coleus you hate to toss...save them for coleus groundcover!!

Thanks for showing so many foliage variations-what's cool is that they aren't necessarily using rare plants to make these landscape tapestries. I'm just really inspired! Ok maybe I can't afford the scale on which they get such a knock out effect but it's still inspiring.

That shot of Cindy's hat among the Rudbeckia is adorable-that would be cute framed. BTW I really like your hat,Cindy.
Stunning Zingers! Sue's not bad either lol.

I hope I don't break my mouse scrolling back and forth to drink in these divine images....I guess my adjectives weren't too dysfunctional : )

Thanks Deanne(MORE please)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks so much everyone!!! Im really pleased youÂre enjoying the images of this remarkable place. There is so much there itÂs difficult to get it all in. Sue kept our group moving right along but I almost missed the conservatory with the water gardens. David, Jim, Mary and I think a couple others wouldnÂt let me sit and enjoy my iced tea but insisted that I use our last half hour there going through it and IÂm SO glad I did. I never did get to go through the orchid house though so it will have to wait for another visit. Perhaps when I go to PA to pick up my wrought iron order. (Yes I ordered three of the allium that Monique and Les bought as well as one of those pyramid planters)

Anyway, Babs, it was so neat, I walked into the conservatory and saw those fuchsias and said, "Hmmmm, those look like ÂBeaconÂ" and you know what? They were! What a kick to see so many beautiful fuchsias so wonderfully grown. Doug and I are planning on digging out an area in front of the foundation plantings to the right of the front walk so I can try to repeat one of those borders with the caladium and begonias. It was simply remarkable.

Eden, what youÂd not believe is that they had about twenty or so of those enormous ÂLime Zinger containers spread throughout the gardens. They were amazing and I REALLY need to get myself that plant.

Yes, Marian, that stairway with the Âgossamer look was a waterfall.

IÂd really, really love to get back there again soon. What was most impressive to me was how meticulous everything was maintained. In all those plantings there were no dead flowers, leaves or anything out of place. I can only image the amount of man hours it all takes to maintain.


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Just stunning! I will have to put it on my wish list of places to visit. I love all the wonderful combinations and the fabulous architecture.


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You're on top of your game as usual Deanne ! I plan to view these frequently--If I was a zillionaire I'd have that stone tower, and would go up in the evening with a glass of wine (not the cheap stuff , because remember, I'm a zillionaire-maybe Opus One ? Or a Silver Oak Cab?) and view my plants from above. Vive la horticulture !

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thanks for sharing, Deanne! Glad you caught the conservatory - I was quite impressed by it and want to return sometime, because I didn't see it all.

I did see the orchid house and have to say that wasn't the best part of Longwood. Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago has a better orchid display.

Thanks again!


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Deanne, just getting an opportunity to see these photos. They are stunning! Thank you for sharing them, it is wonderful to be able to see where the Idylls were and a portion of the beauty they were enjoying that weekend.

You have such an artistic eye for photo composition--lovely shots!


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