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don_socalOctober 21, 2010

"[Antonia is sitting outside Livilla's locked door]

Livilla: [screaming and pounding from the inside] MOTHER! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!

Claudius: How long are you going to sit here?

Antonia: Until she dies.

Claudius: Dies? Dies? Have you gone mad? She is your daughter.

[no answer]

Claudius: How can you leave her to die?

Antonia: That's her punishment.

Claudius: How can you sit out here and listen to her?

Antonia: And that's mine.

" I, Claudius (mini) 1976

"Claudius: What about my father, who was your son? And Germanicus, who was my brother? Did you poison them?

Livia: No. Your father died of his wounds, and Placina poisoned Germanicus with out instructions from me. But I had marked them both down for death. They were both infected with that infantile disorder known as Republicanism.


I, Claudius (mini) 1976

"Tiberius: I will make you my successor, Gaius Caligula. Rome deserves you.

Caligula: Is that a joke, uncle?

Tiberius: Not yet, but it will be.

" I, Claudius (mini) 1976

"Senator: There are those who say you cannot hear properly, you cannot speak properly, and that you've got no experience of government.

Claudius: And that I am besides half-witted. Senators, it is true that I am hard of hearing, but you will find it is not for want of listening. As for speaking, again, it's true I have an impediment. But isn't what a man says more important than how long he takes to say it? It's true again I have little experience of government. But then, have you more? I at least have lived with the imperial family who has ruled this empire ever since you so spinelessly handed it over to us. I've observed it working more closely than any of you. Is your experience better than that? As for being half-witted, well, what can I say - except that I have survived to middle age with *half* my wits, while thousands have died with *all* of theirs intact. Evidently, *quality* of wits is more important than *quantity*. Senators, I shall do nothing unconstitutional; I shall appear at the next session of the senate where you may confirm me in my position or not as you wish. But if it pleases you not to, explain your reasons to them

[points at the Praetorians]

Claudius: Not to me.


I, Claudius (mini) 1976

"Claudius: Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.


I, Claudius (mini) 1976

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This is a TV series I would gladly watch, again. Such wickedness and wonderful villains!

In fact, I'd gladly watch almost any and/or all of the Masterpiece Theatre shows.

Has it really been 35 years since this series was on TV?

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