rock blasting

elizabethsarah(6)November 6, 2013

this may be the incorrect board to post on, but it was the best one i could think of!

I have a decent size yard with 2 rocks. one of them is huge, kinda cool, and just is what it is. it's not going anywhere. we have a second one that is much smaller and kind of H-shaped. It's probably 10' wide and long and it's longest points and tops 3' high. It sits in a spot that is such a waste and pretty close to the side of our house. I'd love to have it removed, at least at the surface to have more grass. Any input or guess to how much it may cost?

I can gladly post a photo showing the scale of it if someone tells me how. For some reason, I've never been able to put a photo in one of my posts! :(

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