Quote Saturday 29 October

lilosophieOctober 29, 2011

When it gets down to you having to use violence,

Then you are playing the system's game.

The establishment will irritate you:

Pull your beard, flick your face

To make you fight

Because once they got you violent

They will know how to handle you

The only thing they don't know how

To handle is non-violence and humor

John Lennon

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Lilo, thanks for this weeks quotes. Although sometimes hard to comment because of existing restrictions, they were made for some serious thinking.

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I know I walked a fine line using these particular quotes, I know they were read more than commented on.
I took them off the "Sunbeams" section of the October Issue of The Sun magazine, thought is was amazing that events and these particular quotes coincided - magazines are put together months before they are published. The Sun features an interview each month, and this one dealt with an Individual who actively intercepts the whaling industry.

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Must admit that this quote reminds me of how a Marine can end up in the hospital, yet others continue to remain peaceful in days afterward.

I loved your quotes this week. Yes, read more than commented, but that's what often happens and at least this time there was a reason. Smiles. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed them/it/you.

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Thank you for commenting, Coconut - âÂ¥âÂ¥âÂÂ¥ !!!

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Those scribbles were hearts, showed up as such in the draft and then got disfigured in the posting Hate that!

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lilo, sometimes after I have written in a foreign language, using characters that are not part of the english language, I get some strange writings just like you did in your post.

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I particularly liked this quote, and recognised it as soon as you posted it as to author. Lennon was a special person.

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