My Bermuda lawn is smothered by this weed

ichoudhury(7B)November 30, 2013

Any idea what they are called and any advice on how to get rid of them? Initially started with few patch but now those patches are growing larger and smothering the bermuda.

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Here is another shot

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Could be Dollarweed. A herbicide like 2-4-D would get rid of it. Here's a site addressing that issue. Click Clemson link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clemson

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Thank you so much rdaystrom .... looking at the link and reading about it some more, I'm almost certain my lawn is infested with Dichondra and/or maybe combination of both Dichondra and Dollarweed. Like you said, 2-4-D is what I should get and apply (although suggestion to apply is 'Late Spring" and we have Winter here in Georgia, I still may try some application to see the reaction) .

Thank you very much for the info and the link!

For others who might be curious about Dichondra, here's a link that has some more info

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Yes it is dichondra. Dichondra seeds profusely, so get ready for about 3 years of spraying. The minute you see it come back, spray it so you get it before it seeds again. You'll never see the flowers, but the seed is there.

How often are you watering and for how long?

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2,4,D+dicamba+mcpp in late spring or early fall is the most effective

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I haven't been watering for awhile. Turned off my sprinkler system for a long time now since we were getting heavy rain and I was covered up with weeds.

Any good source to get 2,4D and other stuff?

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Most herbicides you can get in any big box store contain 2,4,D. They also carry Trimec which is a combination as noted by joneboy.

Just look at the ingredients and it will be noted.

Since you are talking about spraying it on Bermuda, note that it will cause "yellowing", but as long as you don't overdose you should be fine.

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