Brown/thinned out grass expanding! Need Help!

vezi04November 2, 2013

Hello -
New to the forum. We moved into our house about two years ago and have seen a steady decline in the quality of our lawn. The brown areas have expanded each year and we are now able to pull out large clumps of grass with the slightest of tugs. Also the weeds have grown exponentially. We have an irrigation system in place so this area gets plenty of water throughout the week. We are at a loss about what to do next.

Can anyone gives us some suggestions on what this is and how best to get our grass back to being green next spring?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The grass is dead from a fungal disease caused by watering too frequently. This time of year you should be watering no more than one time per month. During the heat of summer it should be no more than once per week. When you do water, apply a full inch as measured by cat food or tuna cans placed around the yard. For now I would just stop watering. The grass has stopped growing.

Since the grass has continued to shrink in area, you must have either fescue or rye. Unlike most other grasses, these two varieties do not fill in by themselves. You'll need either sod or seed to repair the lawn. For as much as you have lost, I would consider a full renovation.

It is too late to do anything this year. In the spring I would rake out all the dead grass and replace with sod if possible. If you want to seed in the spring, do it as early as possible to give the new grass roots time to develop before the summer heat. Even then, don't be surprised if you have a full crabgrass lawn by July. August is the time for you to redo your lawn from seed, so put all this on your calendar.

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