5 days!

tisha_(z7 OKC)October 11, 2010

There are only 5 days left until the wedding.

That means I have 4 days left to finish everything up.

My last day at work was this past Thursday. I am SO glad I took off before, because there is no way I'd be able to get everything done, if not.

My mom and dad are going to buy the favors for us. That took a load off! We are getting bottles of Round Barn Root Beer for everyone. For those who don't know, we are getting married at the Round Barn, so I thought that would be a neat way to tie everything together.

I got a few final milk glass pieces this weekend. These little hobnail cream and sugar containers were only $5 for the 2 of them. I figured they could hold the splenda packets for the tea, during the reception. :-) Aren't they cute?

I also bought a pretty cake cutter from an antique store, for $8.

Anyone have any tips on cleaning it? I've never had any "real" silver before. This might be a dumb question, but do I just use silver polish? And then, is it safe to use, or does it need washed after it's polished?

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Those are cute ideas and items! Are you all nerves or just joyous? I have that same cake cutter. I have a pasta spoon, big spoon, and a rectangluar one. After the wedding, i put them in the dishwasher again and again. Found out, it was plated. I would not dip the cutter in anything. I would use a polish that is liquid and a soft cloth. You can rinse the residue off under water, but I wouldn't put it in anything else, i.e. the dishwasher or soak it.

I could just hug you I'm so excited!

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Just clean it with silver polish, rinse it off and dry. It will sparkle.

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Yep, rinse it in cold water (I just know this).

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Oh yes. Definitely rinse . . . (don't ask me how I know this. Eeurgh!)

I was just thinking "I should check in at the Party, and see how Tisha's holding up"!
These days will be precious memories later, even if they feel insane right now. Treasure them - and best wishes to you both for a wonderful week of preparation before the rest of your lives together.

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Does anyone remember if it's a morning/afternoon/evening wedding, etc?

wonder what's going on right at this very moment?

bridesmaids getting dressed?

guests filing in & murmuring?

Miss Tisha stepping sedately down the aisle all beautiful & stuff?

candles/vows/first smoochy kiss as a married couple?

Miss Tisha & beau (now husband) headed back up the aisle wreathed in smiles?




Happy Wedding Day Dear Tisha!

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Same from here Tish. Love you both. Steve S.

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Congrats on your wedding day. I'm looking forward to reading All about it

And I'm looking forward to photos.

Have a nice and special evening

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Well they are now officially a couple. I'm going to kind of miss hearing about some of the wedding details. Congratulations to you both and thanks for sharing your wedding plans with us.

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Congratulations, Tisha and Keith! Hope all went smoothly and that you had a beautiful day. May you have many, many years of being together.

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs!! Best wishes for what I hope was a wonderful day, marking the start of your marriage, and for all future happiness together.

Yes, we want photos and reports!!!!!

(Just know the GPartiers were all thinking of you)

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm sending my very best wishes for you both!

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