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sconti_95(z9Fl)November 9, 2007

I need advice on how to eliminate/control weeds in my bahia lawn. I have a lawn service, but the tech told me there was nothing available that would kill the weeds without also damaging the bahia. With that strategy, my lawn will eventually become all weed. Is there any product available that will kill/control the weeds, but not damage the bahia grass. He fertilizes and controls the insects, but no remedy for the weeds. Never heard of that. Is he correct or do I need a new lawn service. Thank You !!

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For the most part that is correct. Many of the consumer products say not to use on bahia or that the stuff is designed to kill bahia as it is considered a weed for the rest of planet earth. What type of weeds are you trying to kill?

Please don't take this the wrong way as I am often criticized for being overly critical of bahia, but it's time to consider removal and planting something more desirable for a home lawn. Especially if you are concerned about weeds and overall appearance. Bahia has a very open habit and is prone to getting many broadleaf weeds.

Bahia will spread very aggresively on it's own and compete with weeds but it still has an open habit. ORdinarily some might suggest using fertilizer to promote top growth and density but you have to be extremely careful with fertilizer and bahia as that will injure it too.

Killing bahia is next to impossible by the way but it can be injured and stunned. But it will most likely come back. It takes some really high powered stuff and multiple applications to kill bahia.

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Appreciate the post. I don't like Bahia either, but it is what the builder put in the back yard. We have water restrictions in Tampa, Fl. and the new code calls for no installation of an irrigation system for lawn water in back yards. As a result, they place Bahia. My St Augustine in the front and both sides is irrigated and is great. Not sure how long we are going to be in the house and didn't want to go to the expense of cutting out the Bahia and having an irrigation system and St. Augustine placed. Homeowners can install irrigation, builders of new homes cannot. Guess I will just hand pull the weeds. Again thanks for the post.

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There are other grasses you can used besides bahia. And in fact the state (some agencies) have also spoken out against the use of bahia because it is an invasive species. This means it is escaping cultivation and spreading on its own into natural habitat areas and choking out or displacing native vegetation. It requires a lot of mowing also. Make no mistake about it, bahia is not used for it's drought tolerance. It is used because builders in florida are a breed of cheap like none other.

If you are happy with it, don't let me talk you out of it but it is reasons like this not being able to easily deal with weeds that makes it unsuitable for residential yards.

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quirkyquercus: Thank you again for your post. I hear where you are coming from and appreciate your candidness. I take a lot of pride in my shrubbery and lawn, but am disappointed with the back yard (Bahia). Not sure what direction I am going to go with the back yard, but you have answered my question and just need to think about it some more. My only two choices are to live with it or remove/replace. As for cheap builders in Florida, not their cost, but materials and labor used, this is the last house I will ever build in Florida. Thanks again.

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That's what I said when I lived in florida. If you're new to florida and caring for dealing with bahia, give it until next summer during the rainy season when that stuff grows 2" a day and it's 95 degrees outside with 80% humidty. There's no way to make bahia look nice. I replaced mine with bermuda which is a relatively uncommon grass in florida but cross over into georgia and it's everywhere you look. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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sconti 95, the short answer to your question is you 'need a new lawn service'. There are products which will control almost all broad-leaf weeds (and some grasses also) in bahia turf. The problem is that they are available only to 'professional' applicators. There are good reasons for this action. I will leave you two quotes from people who have made it their business to investigate these things.
"Bahia is more forgiving of weed control mistakes than St. Augustine".
"The most effective chemical for weed control in Bahia is deadly to St. Augustine".

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ronalawn82, Cimarron by Dupont will control Bahia grass in St. Augustine. A 2oz. bottle will cover 6 acres. Primarily marketed for pastures.

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Try sedgehammer, it worked great on my lawn in fort myers, it kills more than just sedge and my bihia looks great. I noticed results in about 3 days after spraying. If you have crab grass, try using pure vinager on it, it works wonders.

You can find this stuff on ebay and other sites.

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quirkyquercus I appreciate your frankness, in all your post, you have a lot of half truths down pat, Haveing lived in Fl. 50+ years the builders could give a rats A less what something cost, it's the consumer that wants champaign for the cost of beer, so they get seduced, as for the guy dying in Tpa. go back to where you came from and take all your kin with ya :) Trading bahia for bermuda (what a joke)get the stinking SA and be done with it/

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Half truths?

Please expound.

That was the biggest run-on sentence I've ever seen and I can't really understand it. Although I have noted that your reply offered nothing in terms of help to the OP but was instead merely a rude petty criticism.

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Your right! Just ignore what I typed. It would be easier to find out if I can remove my comment. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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I used Momentum (Lesco) and it killed all the weeds Scotts +2 didn't (and it didn't kill much) .

The only thing it doesn't kill is Green Kyllinga and the crappy Bermuda grass that grows like a weed down here in FL.

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