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lilosophieOctober 24, 2011

The question is not "Can you make a difference?" You already do make a difference. It is just a matter of what kind of difference you want to make during your life on this planet.

Julia Butterfly Hill

There is all the difference in the world between the criminals avoiding the public eye and the

Civil disobedient taking the law in his own hands in open defiance. This distinction between an open

Violation of the law, performed in public, and a clandestine one is so glaringly obvious that it can be neglected only by projective or ill will.

Hannah Arendt

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The first quote is very clear on what is expected of us. The second quote is a different kettle of fish. Where does one end and the other one start? Now often civil disobedience is a mantle for criminal disobedience if you look at some of the riots and violent demonstrations all over the world. The targets have most of the time nothing to do with the issue at hand.

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