What type of Marginal is this?

MrBlubs(3a)March 25, 2013

Last year I bought parrots feather at my local petstpre and put.it in my pond and a whole.differnt plant emerged up along side the parrots feather. It was a pretty good looking plant so I left it in there a it grew a ton. The first frost hit pretty early and I was away at that time so it killed (or so I thought) there plant and the tips of the parots feather. So I put the plantsh in the garge for the winter. The plant came up again bit I forgot about it so it grew all leggly and pale and has only.one leaf. So I decide to dig it out and put it in a vase with pond gravel. So iI did that and accidently cut off some of its bulb. Is that okay? I planted it to any way here is the plant. Any Idea what it is?

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Heres a pic of the leaf

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It may be pickerel rush.

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catherinet(5 IN)

My guess was pickerel rush too.

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