Thanks guys for the new lawn help

blaher(5)November 5, 2013

I previously asked a question here:

I more so lurked around a lot on these forums, grabbing all the tips and learning from a lot of previous discussions. I figured I would post the results of my new lawn. As I have you guys to thank.

It's now a midwest fall for me, so don't mind the leaves I'm mulching back in to the yard. It's still a little bit mature, but I'm told it will be nice and full with a dark green by May. I hope the maturity will help even it out. I also have a huge plantain weed problem, but that should hopefully fix it's self this winter. Other than a few bare spots from rainfall on the seeds, it's perfect for me.

I will continue to cut it at mower specified "3.5in", the highest I can go with the highest wheel notch as well. It's actually really a little over 3.5", maybe close to 4". I used a starter fertilizer twice so far, once not long after seeding and another time a month or so ago. I don't plan on using corn meal gluten in the spring, because I may want to seed some of the bare spots, so I may stick with another organic fertilizer and nothing weed pre-emergent. I DO NOT use a lawn roller. I assume my neighbors actually think I'm nuts using a push broom on my yard, but I like the stripes without having to compact the soil with a roller. I switch horizontal versus diagonal every weekly mowing cycle. I am probably going to continue to mow late in the fall, even with little weekly growth, just to help mulch up the leaves. After getting past the 3" inch growth mark, I had it on a weekly 1" watering schedule (only on Sundays right after I'm done mowing), but this fall there has been more than a inch of rain every week, so I've stopped until spring.

Here's hoping the roots go deep before Ohio's hot summer hits next year. Any suggestions to what I've described?

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Only suggestions would be to re-consider not using a pre-emergent and that it's not too late to kill those plaintains with some good 'ol Trimec. But to each his own. ;-)

Lawn looks really nice. Keep it up!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

As long as your soil is not saturated, you can roll to your heart's content without worrying about compacting the soil. If it is muddy, then keep everything off of it.

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