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reddy123November 4, 2013

Hello All,

I am new to this forum and I learned so much about organic lawn care from this website. I am interested in organic lawn care. We live in San antonio, TX. We bought this house couple of months back and started immediately using alfalfa pellets & corn meal on our lawn. I heard about bermuda bible (assuming my grass is bermuda), but i would like to go with organic to improve my lawn. I am posting pics of my lawn. I would like to request any suggestions to improve my lawn. And also I found a lot of these black bugs in my lawn.

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Those black bugs are beetles they can demolish many crops if in large numbers. Chances are you have a grub infestation. Try "lifting" your grass if it seems to pull up like a carpet may mean you have a grub infestation. Also try pulling up some grass and seeing if you have any of these "grubs" which simply are white worms eating your lawns roots.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Looks like you didn't keep up with your watering? You're allowed to water about 7 hours every other week. That should be enough to keep it green if you use all 7 hours. You'll need timers on a sprinkler system or on your hoses. Orbit makes a battery powered, programmable, hose timer that works very well. I ran one with a Y splitter to drive two oscillator sprinklers. I believe that timer is about $35 on Amazon. Never seen one in stores.

I don't think those black bugs are a problem for you. I was living in Cotulla in 2010 and those things coated the entire town. The guy taking care of the pool at our hotel pulled out 30 pounds per DAY of those things. They lasted at least a month. The parking lot was blackened with them. They had to pressure wash the entire parking lot every day because it was slippery with the squashed bugs. It became a huge problem of what to do with the carcasses? Being a lawn kind of guy, I was watching the grass at this hotel. I didn't see any damage from the beetles. I wouldn't worry. I'd worry more about catching up with watering.

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