Winterization of Wisconsin lawn question

humdogjNovember 13, 2013

I haven't winterized my lawn yet but I'm about to give it its final cut down to 2". It's been an interesting year from the time we put it in in June(I know, worst time ever to install a lawn) to now (a friend asked if we sodded the front!).

I've been hearing about putting the winterizer down around Thanksgiving and I'm trying to hold out until then, but I'm thinking I'm going to get it done by this weekend. It's suppose to rain this weekend and I'll have the final cut in, the Winterizer fertilizer down, and life will be good until spring.

Should I try and wait or have I already missed the boat and should get the fertilizer down as quick as possible?


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The lawn experts haven't been talking much here, so I'll chime in, as I know the advice on winterizer: Put down winterizer fertilizer after the grass has stopped growing (you no longer have to mow) but before the ground freezes.

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