Using a cheap greenhouse to grown lawn segments in winter

NOVA-ResidentNovember 20, 2013

Hi, we recently redid a lousy part of the lawn. It's has shady and sunny areas. After aeration and their late seeding (mid october) the area is still mostly mud with some small sprouts

So the question is, can I use a cheap or homemade greenhouse (a portable one) to put on top of a segment of the lawn for a few weeks at a time during winter to extend the growing season? It's getting cold here in the mid-atlantic. Mostly growing fescue in the sunny redone parts, creeping red in the semi-shade, and poa trivialis in 3 extremely shady corners under the deck that only get morning sun. Obviously being drought intolerant they should need to grow roots before summer

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Lawns, like other plants, go into dormancy---that's what protects them from harsh winters--and roots wont germinate new growth in such low temperatures.
To put a greenhouse over a specific area, with conditions that would encourage such growth, wouldn't persevere long enough and any such germination wouldn't last very long once the conditions that encouraged such growth was removed.

Remember...its the soil temperature---not any for a brief period that encourages growth. lasts.

You just have to accept such conditions until spring--and the rebounding of soil temperatures which will hasten germination and growth.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I always wonder if I agree with goren.

I think using the greenhouse is a creative idea that will accidentally work for you in one place or another. But I don't think you can spread out the movement/timing and get an overall good result.

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bermudakid(9, Southern Cal)

buy a bunch of heating blankets and lay them out at night (hopefully not raining), then when the sun comes up remove the blankets and put your cheap greenhouse or clear tarps with a bunch of stakes holding them up about a few inches off the soil, then repeat with blankets. I have been that crazy to extend the season and get the season started. Don't send me your electric bill.

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