Duckweed over taking pond

snots34March 29, 2014

Well, Spring is here again.

I have, in my backyard, a pond that is about a quarter to half an acre in size. Not exactly sure about it's depth, but it was originally dug for 15 feet. I believe the deepest part is around 10 feet.

Anyhow, I purchased the home Mid to Late June last year, so the pond was covered in what I believed to be duck weed. They were small flat green leaves. If you are familiar with shogun shell gun powder, this is what they looked like.

I could skim this stuff of the top with a net, but the hole would fill in almost immediately.

Since it is spring now and I have the chance to halt or curb the problem before it begins, I would like some advice on how to keep this stuff from covering my pond this year.

A friend of mine has offered the advice and materials to treat it with copper sulfate -but that was used to clear moss. Which I could not find in my pond last year. Only these tiny thin leaf things. Again, I am under the impression that they were duckweed or duckwart.

Any advice? There is a small portion open from the ice, but after tomorrow, the pond should be completely clear of ice. I have 3 geese in it now. I am looking to re-stock with game fish this spring......if I can keep this plant from covering the whole pond.

Thank you in advance for your valued assistance.

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FIsh LOVE to eat duckweed.
Mabey it was out of control because for some reason there were no fish?
You will see when it rains, they come up from the pond bottom, and then my fish feed on it.
Get some Koi. They will love the duckweed.

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Thank you for your response! I was thinking the same thing. But perhaps a few sterile grass carp.

I will need to check the depth of the pond, as I will not want a winter kill.

Thanks again for your advice. I saw some duck weed just starting to creep around today.

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Ah snots34, maybe your not looking at this right. I've known of another person on the web who had the same problem and made allot of money (Pondgirl). You may have a blessing in disguise. Many fish love to eat duckweed. People with koi cannot keep it in their pond. It is a great filtration system with all the little roots for people with water gardens. Also, anyone into aquaponics who grow Tilapia use duckweed to feed them. It is easy to maintain a food source for their fish. I want a free supply of duckweed for life if you become a


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Duckweed also makes an awesome mulch around your plants.

Definitely do not poison the pond. The duckweed is a valuable resource.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Oh, to have duckweed!!!! Every source I have ever found dried up. No pun intended. I have purchased it locally and on the net. No matter how much I get it is consumed in 24 hours. It is too expensive to buy regularly.

You may have a money crop.

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My goldfish LOVE duckweed and it is so expensive where I live. I am envious. They can eat a large amount in just a few hours. I can never keep a good supply of it.

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We love duckweed too...our koi devour it like candy.
We keep it in our biological pond and dole it out to the koi
by the cup full . .. We never run out this way.

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