Nelumbo (lotus) from seeds - help pls

chelydra(z6a MA)March 2, 2012

Three years after planting lotus roots in my little frog pond, two of them are flowering well and producing seed. Germinated easily in cups of water with some soil, but I haven't been able to keep the seedlings alive.

First year was in the house, between 55-60F. Second time, in cups on a tray on top of the water heater, so more like 90F. Both times started seeds in autumn, to put out in spring.

No south-facing windows here, so both places were pretty dim. Is that fatal for lotuses? If so, I'll start them in early spring next time, to get them into good sun sooner. Grow lights are not a good option here.

Any other likely issues?

Thanks -

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I can't speak for Lotus but seeds need consistent bright light to grow properly. Can you put a fluorescent light over your seedlings next time?

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Lotus seed keep their viability for a very long time, so best to keep them until spring and then plant. Like a lot of water plants, they grow in full sun with no trees around. That's what the seedlings would have been missing.

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chelydra(z6a MA)

Appreciate the info. Next year, I'll do as you say - save the seeds, start under a grow-light in early spring, and plant out when full sun is available.


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