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anneliese_32(6)October 9, 2012

Has anybody a problem with a Sherwood-William pop-up here? I can't even proofread because the d... thing blocks me from reading. It happens only on the Garden Web.

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Same thing here in Baltimore County

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A lot of people swear by Firefox to avoid pop-ups, but I have IE8 and I just tell it to ask me before allowing cookies. I always tell it no cookies on everything. You would not believe the number of cookies GardenWeb has on it. And it take me a good week of visiting the site to get them all blocked! Loads. Like Googleads, doubleclick, scorecard, all kinds of ads and counting sites.

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That ad is most annoying, but I discovered if I click right next to it as soon as it shows up it will go away. I had installed ad-block on Firefox and somehow deactivated it and don't know how to get it back, it worked well.
I go once a week and toss all cookies, GW is very bad, that is why sometimes it loads so slow.
Sherwin Williams didn't show up this morning -

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