Can you mow after a hard frost?

phortresNovember 29, 2007

My neighbor was out putting up Christmas lights last weekend and I was out chatting with him. He made several comments on my lawn renovation. After explaining everything I had done, I mentioned I was going to mow it one last time to leave it looking clean for the winter. He said he always went by the rule of never mowing after the first hard frost. I had never heard of such a thing.

I remember reading on here somewhere that someone was mowing on New Year's Eve last year or the year before. I do believe that my top growth has stopped, but I just want to clean it up. It doesn't look too bad, so I could live with leaving it as is until Spring. Any advice?

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I owned a Lawn service for 15 years. Yes You can mow any time you want.

Any damage to grass will be minimal. It will look better.

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The someone mowing on New Year's Eve was me. :-) We had really odd weather last year. This year is more normal, and I'm either one mow away from last mow or I've already done it. We've had at least three hard frosts that I've seen.

You can mow after a hard frost. About the only warning I can think of is that the grass shouldn't have any frost on it when you do mow it. It really shouldn't have any dew on it either as it clogs up the mower a bit and makes things messy.

There are probably disease spreading problems when mowing wet grass, too.

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This is one of those things you have to ask yourself...
why...why would you want to.

If you believe grass can be harmed by using a dull supposedly tears out the grass instead of cutting it clean, might cutting the lawn in a frozen state also do the same thing.....even with a sharp blade.

The clippings sure wouldn't break down and join the soil--they'd sit there enjoying the fresh winter air.

Cant for the life of me see myself out there cutting my lawn after such a hard frost. Besides, I time my last mowing to when I figure it has stopped growing and I can put my mower to bed.....meaning I clean it, change the oil, clean the spark plug, spray some oil into the plug opening, replace the plug, put the handle over, find a nesting spot for it in-between stocked items and give it a pat on the back for a fine summer job.

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I sure hope you can. The leaves are not even close to being done (falling from the trees). I plan on being out there this weekend.

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I am like grassman, I am mowing leaves at this point, not grass.

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That rule is the most stupidist thing I ever heard.

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