Growing lotus from seed

chubbypoptartMarch 30, 2011

Hello i was recently inspired by a gardenweb members blog to grow my own lotus from seeds. I started a blog but its not much yet. Any Tricks,tips,comments,advice, and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Wish me luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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Hi Shelby,
I read your blog and have one concern. How hot was that "very warm water?" I've started many lotus seeds and only used lukewarm water. I also changed my water once a day. I used the same method to scarify them except I did it upside down to the way you did it and it seamed easier. I put the file flat on the table and gently clamped the seed in needle nose vise grip pliers. I've had a very high success rate at starting them.

Happy ponding,

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The water wasnt hot just warm from the sink. We have well water here so no chlorine either. Ill try the upside down way next time it sounds easier lol things get awkward when youre left handed;) i checked on the seeds this morning and some are swollen and some still look the same. Thanks for the advice! :)

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I also wasnt sure how to store my remaining seeds i have a baggie full of them should i have them in the fridge or will they be fine at room temp? How long will they keep?

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I am also left handed so the method should work good for you as well. I store mine at room temperature. How long will they keep? Well, they found seed to the Sacred Lotus in an Egyptian pyramid and sprouted them. Let's just say that they will last longer than you. :o)

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lol well then lucky me;) thanks alot!

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I put my lotus seeds in really hot water. I nuked the water on high for 5 min and then put the seed in the water about 5 minutes later or until I could put my finger in the water and it not burn me. Mine all sprouted and made it to the aerial stage. I did this twice a day. I am hoping when I bring them out of the pond they are still solid and ready to pot. I read too that lotus can be put outside when it is cooler but not to expect them to take off till it gets really warm.

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Im sure you can plant them when its a little cooler but the first night i moved my lotus outdoors it dropped down to chilly temps and i think it stalled my lotus for a couple days im sure they have recovered i could just tell a difference in their growing pace. They pretty much halted. Lol. Its pretty hot every day now and fine at night and they are back to growing like crazy one seed had a second shoot appear from the dirt this morning and when i checked on it this evening it had grown almost to the surface! About two inches in a few hours! Good luck everyone wish me some aerials!

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Hi. I've had wonderful success with growing lotus from seed. First I want to let you know my planting zone is 9a so it is very HOT. Sometimes even up to 113 in the summers. So lotus love the warmth and sun. First I scar the seed buy rubbing it on the concrete. You will see the junction of the seed darken and a faint ovel of white will circle the area that you rubbed. Stop here! If you go farther you will see the fleshy white part of the seed. This is too far and can open the seed for bacteria and lessen the survival. Next I soak the seed in direct sun light in a small amount of water.(You can also do them I'm the house but remember my area is very warm and the seed needs warm water and sun to germinate) I change the water daily and I agaitate the seeds. You can agaitate the seeds with water or shaking the cup or bucket their in. Then before you know it I have a seedling. I move the seedling into to EXACT debth of water that it will be placed into before it reaches the surface. Once they reach the surface they no longer tolerate water changes. So my bog has 13 inches of water so the growing bucket has 13 inches of water. Soon the little seed sends it first leaf upward and the second leaf is on its way! At this point mine are already developing roots. I plant them in heavy loam at this stage. After the first four leaves have foarmed then its time to feed your lotus. Until then they live off the nutrition from the seed. Soon you will have a large lotus. The lotus will bloom the next season. I hope I've helped in some way and Happy lotus growing! :)

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