Quotes for 10/16/13 (and their story)

jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)October 16, 2013

Yesterday, my local newspaper featured an obituary for a woman who was 98 when she died on Monday. I glanced at it and moved on. Later in the day I heard about this same woman as a news item on NPR! OK, I gotta find out about this woman.

Maxine Powell operated a "Finishing School" in Detroit where she worked with Black women who were models. She trained them to walk and talk and look like professionals. It might have seemed old-fashioned at the time, but she inspired these women to do better.

Berry Gordy, from Motown Records, enticed her to work at his recording studio. She directed the Artists Development Department where she worked with Motown's artists in how they should carry themselves, how to dress and how to treat people. Since the music of Motown was the music of my college and military years, I felt that I needed to know more.

According to what I read and heard, this was one of the classiest ladies ever. And, "Class" is what she instilled in all the people she worked with. Just a few months ago, she was honored during a special presentation at the Motown Museum in Detroit.

There were many stories that I uncovered, but there are two quotes of Ms. Powell's that I will share with you. They might not be original with her, but they are good ones.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

"It's not where you come from, it's where you're going."

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Thank you, Jim!
It's a good story, there are too few people like her around and they are rarely recognized, when they are true role models.
I like the quotes you shared.

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Great quotes. I have heard them before but never knew where they originated.

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Love the story, it makes the quotes much more realistic.

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Jim, thx for sharing her story and quotes. It's always one man that makes a difference- well, I mean one woman here...it's good that they mentioned the good work that she did.

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Jim, very nice coupling the story with the quotes.
I like the quotes.

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