Help! Grass/Weeds Identification!

raysydDecember 7, 2013

Please help me to identify the following 3 grass/weeds spreading in my lawn. I have no ideas of what they are and how to treat them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



3. same with picture 2.


5. same with picture 4.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do you live? Maybe that will help narrow down the possibilities.

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I am living in Sydney, Australia. Please help.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I can't narrow down the top one besides to say I believe they are in the sedge family. Slice through one of the stems under the seed head and check to see if it is roughly triangular in shape. That would verify it is a sedge. The solution for sedges is different from that of grasses or other plants. In the US we have a product called Sedge Hammer and one called Image. Don't know what you might have behind the black stump.

For the other weed my first approach would be to use a 2,4-d product. Do you have Weed-B-Gone?

The idea for these sprays is to moisten the leaves of the plant, not to drench the soil. A little goes a long way.

If the second plant is not killed by the Weed-B-Gone, I would try putting some RoundUp in a small bud vase and sticking a strand of the plant into the vase. Let it soak up the RoundUp. There are some vine type weeds where one root system feeds a lot of the plant. This might be one. I've tried it on bind weed in my garden. One vase killed all the weed in the garden.

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dchall_san_antonio does a great job identifying grasses but failed his Sherlock Homes test.

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