Diseased Grass

BriggsFordManDecember 28, 2011

Hello, this has probably been asked and answered before but my lawn is taken over in July by this light green very thick diseased grass almost like a carpet, it is very hard to mow and scalps very easily. It goes away in like march and starts to come back in June-July and by the time it's fall all my yard is taken over by this stuff. It gets worse every year. It's a thick, ugly light green carpet type stuff that's ugly. If I can figure out to post a picture on here I'll take a picture of the grass and put it on here. Any help would be appreciated.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm not sure this one has ever been asked. If you have a picture, here are some brief instructions:

1. Post the picture to an Internet storage place somewhere somehow. Photobucket is just one example.

2. Get the Internet address of the picture. How? Bring up the picture on your computer at that storage site. Right click on the photo itself and drop down to Copy Image Location. That will copy the address to your clipboard.

3. Come to GardenWeb and paste the address into a reply. But wait, you're not done. You need the right coding to be able to view it here. Pasting it now is just a way to check to see if you have the right link. It should start with http:// and it should end with .jpg. Almost all photos are like that. It might look like this,

4. Here is the way the coding needs to be formatted.

<img src="YourHTMLCodeEndingWithJPGHere.jpg">
The quotes are necessary.

If your image is larger than 800 x 600, please resize it down to that size. Larger images will make text harder to read on laptops and small screen computers - spreads it out.

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I got a picture of it, the grass is scalped and the dark green grass is regular grass, all the rest is this diseased stuff.



Copy and paste the links in to your address bar.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm going to guess it is crabgrass. I'm guessing that more from the description than from the pictures. I think you threw me off by calling it diseased. Usually crabgrass starts in the spring, develops all summer long, and has filled in solid by September. Then it dies leaving next year's seeds behind.

Improper watering in the spring is how it starts. If you live in the rainy part of WA you might not be able to control it by withholding water. Proper watering is what we call deep and infrequent. Deep means an inch at a time - all at one time. Infrequent means you let the surface of the soil dry out before watering again. For most people this means monthly watering in the cool months and weekly watering in the summer. The frequency of watering is affected by rain, wind, heat, sunlight/shade, humidity, soil type, grass type, grass density, and grass height. Tall grass needs less water because it shades the soil from sunlight and heat. Humid wind will extend the watering interval but dry wind will shorten the interval. Heat evaporates soil moisture faster and shortens the interval. Clay in the soil holds more water and extends the interval. Sandy soil shortens the interval. Thus a place like Phoenix with dry wind and plenty of heat but a relatively clayey soil will have a longer watering interval than Las Vegas which is mostly sandy soil. LV might need to water every 2-3 days in the summer while PHO can go 5-7 days. There is almost no place on Earth that needs daily watering to grow grass.

Grass seed (crabgrass included) needs continual moisture to sprout. When you water too frequently, the seeds will germinate. If you can let the soil surface dry out between watering, then the seeds will not sprout. This is the main reason why re-seeding a lawn in the spring is part of a recipe for crabgrass. Crabgrass seed does not sprout in the fall.

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I don't think it's crab grass, doesn't look like it or at least the crab grass I'm used to seeing. I think when it turns to normal grass in March or April I'm going to thatch it and seed it. This grass that's bright green and scalped you can pull it out in big chunks and it's all tangled together. None of my neighbors have it but me. I noticed when the dewy nights start in mid June is when it starts getting like this again.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Pull a piece out, lay it on a paper or something with a uniform background, and take a close up picture. If it has seeds or a seed head that will really help to identify it. Here are some samples of grass seed heads to show you what I'm asking for.

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Will do, tomorrow I'll rip a piece of it out of the ground, I'll get the really brown messed up stuff on picture.

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The photos may not be the best but they were the best the camera would take. I picked this stuff off my back yard where it's the worst.

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I'm inclined to think it's creeping bent. Creeping bent looks great cut short, but if you mow at say 3 inches, creeping bent gets stemmy, brown and forms false crowns. It is also susceptable to dollar spot in the summer. It's stoloniferous growth also means when you pull it up, it comes up in a tangled mass. Here's a pic that resembles yours: http://www.turf.uiuc.edu/weed_web/bentgrass/bentgrass_stolon4.htm You can control it with Tenacity, but the way your yard looks it might be a better idea to renovate late next summer/early fall as you will have bare patches from the dead bent. Renovate means killing everything with round up and seeding with whatever grass you want. Or you could lay sod in the spring.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)
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That stuff looks a lot like what I have. Renovating the yard is out of the question. In the summer in the middle of my yard the drainage is so great from rocks in the soil that it gets very thin and dry, sod is just way out of my budget. Are there any products that I can put on the grass to keep this creeping bent stuff away?

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"Are there any products that I can put on the grass to keep this creeping bent stuff away?"
Yes, as I said before, Tenacity (the herbicide), but then you will have bare patches where the creeping bent was, and other weeds like poa annua will take over.

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