After the rain

deanneart(z5Southern NH)August 21, 2006

We had a terrific soaking rain yesterday and after the rain I decided to take a walk around the gardens with my camera in hand to see what the photo opportunities were.

This is the container I mentioned with the Miscanthus Morning Light.

Marian, here is the container with the Ajuga ÂCaitlandÂs GiantÂ

DonÂt you just love the roses when they are covered with rain drops?

My favorite new fuchsia, Billy Greene

Alyssum with Dahlia ÂBelliniÂ

A few dahlia photos

And a few fuchsias

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Deanne, these are beautiful. I love the contrasts of the plants in pic 1. That's a very interesting and well put together container IMO. I have a m. morning light knocking around here still in it's nursery pot. Using it in a container garden is a good idea. I wonder if it would winter over in the container if protected?

I've "borrowed" the idea from you of adding ajuga to containers this year and I really like how it's turned out. I love the way the ajuga's drape over the edge of the pots so gracefully. Thanks!

The raindrops on roses picture is exquisite and your fuschias look like they're made of silk. Just perfect. As always your dahlias are picture perfect.

I love strolling through the garden after a nice rain. Everything seems so refreshed by mother nature. Thanks for the eye candy! You're the best!


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Very nice Deanne, I like that first big Dalhia Bloom and the red and white fushia is my favorite.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

All I can say, is : You either live in Paradise, or you are one exceptional gardener! I am overwhelmed by the beauty and lushness of all your plants. Even your alyssum is fabulous!
I have discovered that I am the world's worse when it comes to fertilizing my flowers. I finally watered the pitiful brug with fertilizer, and within a few days the new leaves are triple the size of the old ones! It is putting out all kinds of new growth, and all is sooo much greener! That has encouraged me so much that I added fert to other containers. The Penta has reacted with the same vigor. And speaking of the Penta, the deer did me a favor by 'pruning' it. I had never pruned it, but after their nipping I cut it back a bunch ( and added fert ) it has put on much larger greener leaves, and is getting more clusters of blooms. Whoopee! It just goes to never gets too old to wise up! :-)

Most of the potting soil that I buy is the pre-fertilized kind, but I suspect that they can use more as time goes on?

Yes, I love the raindrops on the roses. :-) And on all the other flowers as well.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.... the thesaurus is not working today for me (LOL)....!!!! Im afraid of grasses -- your idea of putting in containers is a good one - I should try that & get more adventuresome from there. Thanks for taking the time to share, Deanne. I hope one day to see this all in person!!


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Deanne! I love your photos! iwant to be there!Can you come over to my house, and fix? My daughter is starting to think about her garden, and she asked about plants that will bloom now. I am sending her your pics!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Gorgeous pics Deanne! You really do know how to capture a flower in all its glory! :-) I absolutely love that fuchsia, caladium, pentas container...the colors are beautiful! Is that the one you said was a Monique inspiration? Lovely! I love the ruffly purple and fuchsia red fuchsia too! Thanks for sharing the beauty!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks all!

Eden, I really appreciate the input with that container with the M. ÂMorning LightÂ. I was having the same thought as to whether or not it would winter over in the pot. I have two containers next to one another with the miscanthus in them and will probably plant one in the ground and see if the second winters over in the container. Here is a full view of that pot showing the trailer that is in there. I canÂt find the tag so canÂt tell you what it is at the moment.

Also, I planted two of those Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens (Black Mondo Grass) in there and I just love them!!! IÂm hoping I can winter them over in the ground so I can put them back this container next year. The pot itself is black with a bronzy antiqued finish and the grass looks wonderful with it. The bit of a hole in the arrangement you can see between the marguerites was a dwarf, white dahlia. It got a terrible case of powdery mildew so I just cut the whole thing out of there. It is beginning to re-grow but I need to find a way to keep the mildew off my dahlias. It is an ongoing problem for me this time of the year. ~~ Yes, I just love the ajuga in the containers. Like you said it drapes so beautifully over the sides of the pot and is such an unexpected trailer in a container that it is always interesting.

Marian, That alyssum is a standard for me every year. I just love the way it frames the front gardens. I shear it back a few times so it stays lush and full. ~~ Oh my, you must have been so pleased when you fertilized your plants and they rewarded you with new vigorous growth. Yes, I do keep up with my feeding schedule and can tell if I lapse. This year I used Osmocote and have been really happy with it. ItÂs a lot less work than a weekly liquid feeding. IÂm just noticing now that some of the plants are needing a second application and I fed them back in May when I planted them up.

Cindy, IÂd love for you to come and visit! That would be so much fun.

Drema, how great your DD is planning her garden. That must be fun for you.

Eileen, yes, indeed, that fuchsia/caladium/pentas container was the one inspired by Monique and Les last year. When they were here last weekend we all decided that next year we are going to include that coleus ÂThe Flume in that arrangement as well. Here is a pic where IÂve put a container with ÂThe Flume right next to that arrangement so you can see how well it is going to go there. It is the pink, ruffled plant under the caladiums.

Thanks again everyone. IÂm so pleased that you liked the photos!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne, I am so tickled by the Brug. It is almost 3ft tall. but the trunk is is naked for 2ft! I just checked and even the trunk is putting out tiny new growth! I can hardly wait for it to bloom.
I have that trailer. It is in the ground in the beds in front of our house. It survives winter, and hasn't been invasive, but spread from one bed to the next...well it IS sort of has moved into the lawn. :-(
I bought it a few years ago, but I too do not remember the name. I do know it is a variegated form of a common weed.I just cannot 'grasp' the name right now. Oh yes! It is Glechoma hederacea variegata, Creeping Charlie, ground ivy!

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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The raindrops really add something to already stunning flowers. Your pictures reminds me of a jewel box.


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Deanne, did you hear my sigh all the way over there? Beautiful!!

Rain? Raindrops? Don't remember what that looks like. I think your area has gotten all our rain this year. ;o)

Thank you for the photos.....beautiful containers with lovely plantings.


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