fencing for a container pond ?

kitteh(6 ohio)March 4, 2013

Do you need (required by law that is) to fence a 25 gallon container pond if it's in the front yard garden in the town ? You know, in case negligent parents let a baby wander away and it might fall in yet you would get blamed .....

And if yes can it be just a small 'edging' fence?

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Each jurisdiction has their own rules, so you would need to check for your own city.
I just did the same search and found my 22 inch deep preformed pond I will put in the front yard soon is not deep enough to be considered a swimming pool (your local statutes will have definitions).
However, my front yard will be enclosed by a 4 foot picket fence which actually conforms to part of the regulations (I started the fence prior to deciding to have a pond).
Many 'swimming pool' statutes require a 4 foot fence with no gaps more than 4 inches, it seems unlikely that your little pond will trigger the statute but if it does, you have to comply with whatever ordinances your local jurisdiction has passed.
Also, simply because there are no pertinent statutes does not assure that you have no liability depending on the situation, especially when children are involved and the pond might be judged an 'attractive nuisance'..

Here is a link that might be useful: Attractive Nuisance

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