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mwoodsOctober 27, 2010

For 3 months this past winter and spring I couldn't eat food or drink liquids. They wouldn't digest,all part of the cancer I have. Anyway,that was finally resolved and other than chocolate,tomatoes and some beef,I pretty much can eat whatever I want. During this awful period,I still had an appetite and found myself watching some of the food shows on tv. and reading recipe magazines and that's when I discovered Paula Deen. Good could you not love someone whose favorite food is butter? I've used a few of her recipes when we've had company,like bourbon bread pudding and it was amazing. Last night I caught part of her show and she was making fudge out of processed cheese,which looked like Velveeta,peanut butter,regular butter,confectioners sugar and pecans.She said it was the best fudge she had ever had. I am so tempted to try it but those ingredients sound awful together. Have you ever made something that you thought would not be very good and it turned out to be wonderful?

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Vanilla ice cream sprinkled with curry powder and slivered almonds.


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Apparently its not all that rare a deal... but it sounds delicious!

Sorry to hear you were fighting cancer... I failed to tap in the day you may have told us... Hope you are much better now!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fudge with cheese

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Port wine and cracked pepper... cookies. They were still sweet cookies, but very interesting. I guess one could liken it to chilis and chocolate. Oh that I could replicate those (or find them for that matter)! They were a gift from overseas, and alas, I have not ever seen them again.

Savor it all dear Marda! Savor it all.

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Wonder if this might be something close...I trust Google for everything... has never disappointed me... but you'ed have to make them to know if its the taste you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: chili cookies

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Sometimes it seems that a recipe does not make sense in a written form, but once it is tried it makes sense.
I was looking for a snack somwhere around 3pm most days, and I wanted a "good for me snack". I came across a most wonderful recipe that fit my needs. It had a whole bunch of goodies,rolled oats, whole wheat flour, aniseed,lemon zest,white kidney beans, olive oil,brown sugar, egg, dates and sesame seeds and it's all baked into a cookie.
DS asked me to fix these cookies for his "running" club dinner for tomorrow and it's done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marathon Cookies

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Well,I couldn't resist so tried out Paula's recipe which calls for no chocolate or cocoa. I had all the ingredients except Velveeta,so stopped at the store and got some. I haven't had that in years. Anyway..I have to say,it's the best peanut butter fudge I ever had. I'm glad I only made 1/2 a recipe and it took about 10 minutes to make.

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Lol, mwoods, I'm the kind of person that luv to experiment with new foods and recipes. It can make for some good food.

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When I read this thread this morning, Marda, I
wanted to say (trust that woman she's southern and she
can cook). Then I remembered Neil's mother. She was as southern as they come but couldn't cook worth a flip.

I've tried a lot of Paula's recipes and never had one I didn't like yet. I love P-Nut Butter Fudge.
I'll make some tomorrow.

Marda, you have no idea how happy I am that you can finally eat something. You Go Girl!

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I have a couple of her cook books. And yes, she loves sugar and butter.

One of my favorites is the one for peach cobbler. I reduce the amount of sugar and cut the butter down from one block to one half block. I think the way it is cooked makes the difference.

She also like to use lots of condensed chicken/mushroom/whatever soups. That's where she lost me. I like quick meals, but if I have to use soup, I had just as soon just have soup with some crackers. I'd forget all the other stuff.

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I really like Paula's cooking, it looks so good on TV. But I can't do her type of heavy cooking or eating any longer. I need a lighter fare.
agnespuffin, I agree with you about the soup thingy. I don't do that any longer.

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My neighbor makes the very best fudge and shares with me when she makes it. One day she sent her daughter over with fudge. The daughter said it was a new recipe her mother had tried and it contained Velveeta cheese. I would never have guessed,it was wonderful. It did not have peanut butter.

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Chocolated covered potato chips - unbelievably wonderful. Salt combined with chocolate is delicious. I only ever had them once, at a charity event, and was never able to find them again. I guess I should google them, there may be hope! If not, it's the Velveeta fudge.

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Marda that's very interesting. I've seen that recipe around for years but never made it. We do have some Velveeta in the fridge because Christy likes to melt it down for dipping tortilla chips in while watching football. Smiles. You've given me the desire to check it out. I'm very glad you're able to eat most things now. Great news.

Sheila I got some of those for Christmas. Pretty sure Christy got them from one of those catalog places like Swiss Colony or Figis. I really liked them too. Have to put them on my wish list to Santa this Christymas. lol. I'd think they'd be pretty easy to make with some nice sturdy waffle chips.

Yeah... what's up with the darn sneaker spam.. geez..

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dirty sneakers smell like limburger. Maybe that's what made him think about the shoes he wants to sell.

Shilty's link is a recipe for chocolate fudge,and here is the link for Paula's peanut butter fudge.

Here is a link that might be useful: peanut butter fudge

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Marda, I also could not eat due to chemo and was very tired all the time. I would lay in bed like a wet rag and watch the cooking shows! I am not sure why but other people have told me they did the same thing at that point of their treatment. Tomatoes are now ok, a long as they are peeled and seeded. I found the neatest peeler at Marshals, that peels tomatoes! Serrated blades, made by Kitchen-Aid and was on sale. LOL

Absolutely the funniest thing I ever saw on TV was the day that Paula was carried in on a huge block of butter held by 6 almost nude young men - it was hilarious. It was even funnier than the day that she was frying butter!

Fudge? I still make the recipe that was featured right here and it is a huge hit. It is the 'Sees' and if anyone would like to try it - I can post.

Be well Marda and all the others who are part of the battle

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