My mistake

anneliese_32(6)October 21, 2011

I should have posted yesterday's Niels Bohr quote today. Just noticed that the world is again supposed to end today.

Got an e-mail from a cousin in Melbourne, Australia and she said she is going to bed, if the world ends at midnight she would at least be comfortable and get a couple of hours sleep in.

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Thanks for reminding me, I don't have to drag out the vacuum then, or should we go out neat and tidy?

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I was gonna say "wear clean underwear", like my momma used to say ,but the world is still standing, so I'll save it for tomorrow's party,

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It was to be Eastern Standard Time, right?

hmmm, must have happened and I didn't notice.

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Heck, I didn't even know the world was supposed to end, yesterday. Guess I'll just keep straggling along in my "own little world". :>) I am interested to see what happens in 2012, though.

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