They Live!!!!!

Craigger7March 12, 2014

OMG....Today was a good day looking into my small pond, and seeing live koi. The ice is finally starting to clear from my small pond. I chose not to stress my koi out, by not transferring them into the new big pond in October. I was regretting that when my submergible pump froze up at one foot depth in the middle of winter. My small pond is only 2 feet deep, this just shows the resilience of koi. So feeding my koi all those crazy things maybe paid off. I hope you guys that suffered the harsh winter fare well with your ponds.


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I am happy for you. All I see is snow and ice here in north west NJ. It has been melting so maybe I will see fish in the next weak or so.

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Holly_ON(6a Ontario)

Sharing your joy. I will have to wait a few weeks yet to see if mine survived. Still ice but shows signs of melting.

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I'm happy for you...and your koi! I know I worried all winter when my pond froze. This is the first time the pond has frozen completely over, so I was really concerned. Then when I went out yesterday to check on things, my koi were moving around and a couple of them even came to the surface.

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I know its just because I haven't seen my koi in 4 months. But man do they look like they have grown. Good luck to ya guys, Warm weather is on the horizon.


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Haven't seen a single koi in my 8000 gal pond here in central Indiana yet, but DID see one of my big aquatic turtles sunning yesterday. Looks like spring may finally be on it's way!

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Today we have had enough ice melt to get a first glimpse of my fish. Two hole fish but mostly tails sticking out of their cave. They no longer fit in the cave;-)
I cant wait till it gets warm enough to get the pump back in and started up.

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Spotted my goldfish... looks like they all made it, even my tiny ryukin.

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Woot!!!! I just wish the weather would break for good now

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I've got Spring fever so bad right now and a terrible itch to go outside and get things started, but as long as the weathers not going to hold out...I'll have to put it off for a little while longer.
I can not wait for warmer days to be the norm and to be able to enjoy working in the garden again and watching my babies swimming around.

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